Wrestling Is For Girls

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial “Like a Girl?” It flashed through my mind as I watched our youngest child, five-year-old Anika, participate in her first peewee wrestling practice last week. It was her idea to join peewee wrestling—and she was springing with anticipation. Thanks to some coaching from her teenage brother who learned […]

An Outsider’s View On The Advantages of Small Town Sports

After 25 games this season, our son and the Mustangs team ended their season this past week. It was hard to swallow. Any fulfilling and exciting life chapter is difficult to close. High school basketball is one of those chapters. Every year, some seniors graduate. Every year, I realize we are one year closer to our […]

When You Miss

This past Saturday night, our son, Hunter and his team had a big basketball game. Big as in rivalry. Big as in they were on a six game winning streak. Big for district standings. Big as in an opponent that we can count the times on one hand that our team has beat them in […]