A Joyous December To Celebrate

7th Birthday

You aren’t busy at all this month are you? I know for many the schedule is full. For others this time of year brings loneliness and missing loved ones. No matter where you are at, I hope you find time to celebrate Advent and Christmas in your local community, with family, friends, neighbors, at a […]

$1 Donated For Each Comment: Cows For Christmas For A Last-Minute Gift Idea

Cows For Christmas

Need a last-minute gift idea that doesn’t require heading out to a crowded mall? It won’t result in any returns or exchanges. Instead of gifts, give cows. Through a group of friends, Rockin’ Rural Women on Facebook, we are raising funds to help Heifer International. Donate here. Cows have nine times the impact on poverty-stricken […]

Parties & Programs: Connectivity At Christmas

RechargeChristmas2014 (4 of 11)

In a sea of “connectivity” around the world, we have lost the art of face to face time I was reminded this past weekend. My husband and I hosted a business Christmas party at our house which we do with different customers and friends each year. My sister captured me in the chaotic moment of […]

Sarah Nasello’s Party on the Prairie Giveaway

Blackened Sirloin up close

I am passionate to share stories about how farmers and ranchers grow our food and have spent two consecutive November’s featuring the unique roles of women in agriculture. Knowing those faces behind the farms from across North America is important to me. Each story is unique and I am grateful to have shared so many […]

Debbie Lyons-Blythe of Kids, Cows and Grass & The Need For Organ Donors

Debbie Lyons-Blythe Women In Ag

Debbie Lyons-Blythe is a woman in agriculture that grew up near Manhattan, Kansas and currently ranches near White City, Kansas. She is the daily, hands-on labor and manager on the family beef ranch, with soon all five children gone from home and her husband during the day works in a nearby town. Their son, Tyler is […]

Organic & Conventional Farmer,Mom & Foster Parent, Carolyn Olson

Carolyn Olson Women in Ag

Do you know a farmer that is an organic and a conventional farmer, one that embraces different systems to fit personal farming choices? Carolyn Olson, originally a city girl from Champlin, Minnesota, turned Cottonwood, Minnesota farmer is just that, an organic crop farmer and conventional hog farmer. She explains her farming choices below in her […]

Women in Ag: Jane Huso Lukens from GriggsDakota


What defines you? Who has been influential in cultivating that definition?  There is one woman who has been that force in my 35 years of life more than any other person in the world. 1981, photography by Ron and Toni Jacobson She is an introvert. I’m an extrovert. I inherited my dad’s personality, but she […]