Rural Sunrises of Spring

The Pinke Post Spring Sun

Longer days have finally arrived on the North Dakota prairie. You can see April has tricked us into still having some of that white stuff, after a long winter, we at least are back to our stunning sunrises that greet us earlier each day. Sometimes I am standing on our deck, freezing in my pajamas […]

A Modern Day American Dream In North Dakota Oil Country


In the midst of the energy boom in North Dakota there are numerous negative headlines. Increased crime, homelessness, drugs, sex and scandal. Sky-rocketing housing prices. No access to affordable daycare. The list of negatives you read about is long. But the positives are many and they are not often told. My sister and brother-in-law left […]

Under-Promising, Over-Delivering: A Lesson In Pre-School At Home

Skating rink melted

In the busyness of the season, blogging has taken a back seat lately. Along with a host of other things in my life, I am guilty of over-promising and under-delivering. It is my own pet peeve. I feel behind at times, like I can’t keep up but yet at other times I thrive in this […]

Ignoring March’s Lion Roar With Flowers and Pink Tractor Driving

The Pinke Post Spring Kids

Can you hear a roar from the North Dakota prairie? March is roaring like a lion with a pending blizzard soon to hit our prairie home. But I am ignoring it for now and downloaded some March photos tonight and found some fabulous glimpses into our Spring moments we have enjoyed this past month. Rather […]

I Have Nothing To Do With Farming, Or So You Think

The Pinke Post Barley Field

Do you have nothing to do with farming? It was a topic of conversation for me today and got me thinking. I had lunch with a friend and we met to talk about an upcoming project we are working on together for agriculture education with schools in our county. In the midst of the conversation, […]

The Need For Family Vacations

The Pinke Post_2

Is there a need for families to take vacations together? My parents used to take my siblings and me on family vacations. We traveled by a 1976 Winnebago, by mini-van, by train and plane at different times. Often the trips were planned around visiting relatives, seeing historical landmarks or sights, visiting National Parks with a […]

A Tribute To Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Birthday Boy


St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just an Irish celebration for us. It’s Nathan’s birthday. My non-social media husband won’t be getting messages on Facebook or Twitter today. But I am here with a flood of photos of him from the past year to reflect on all that he means to us. And we are spending a […]