I Am Not Taking My Computer On Vacation

Pinke Family

It’s come that time. For an annual vacation. It’s a crazy, wild ride when we launch to get away. We don’t have time. We can’t leave behind work. The kids will miss school. 

But we need to get away. This is a tiny window that works for us. We have family that is home. Our house will be cared for. Our cats fed. Business will march along with great employees. Clients understand a family break is needed. 

Away we go tonight, after the high school music concert. To unplug. To unwind. To create new memories, together, away from the routine of everyday life. 

I had blog posts drafted to post while I am away. I didn’t finish them. But I finished packing for our family of five! So that’s my win today. And…I am not bringing my computer along on vacation. I’m bringing dresses, sandals, swimsuits and books. Old school paper bound books to read while digging my toes into the sand. 

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to share photos, memories and launch into Spring on the prairie. Until then, follow me over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  And I promise I am not taking my computer on vacation. I am not taking my computer on vacation. If I really keep repeating this I will have the courage to actually do it!

Pinke Family