An Equal Parenting Story: 6 Reasons to Vote No on Measure 6 in North Dakota

Family Picture 1997

In 1997, I became a single mother in a complicated situation. For a while, the father of my son, who was never my husband, and I had joint custody—one week with me, one week with him. According to a North Dakota district court, we were to equally share in the nurturing, care and upbringing of […]

The Legacy of Long Marriages That Rarely Make Headlines

63 Years Of Marriage

On October 6, 2014, my grandparents, Oscar and Nola, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In a time when divorce continues to be on the rise, I think it is important to stop and honor the legacies of long-lasting marriages we are surrounded by in the Midwest. I know there are long marriages everywhere. But it […]

109th Birthday Party & Five Generations of North Dakota Women

IrisBday (1 of 1)

How many of us can say we have five generations of family living all within driving distance? Very few. It’s a special, living legacy gift and one that we have in our family that starts with our Great Aunt Iris, who never married and is my late great-grandfather Odin’s sister. We are Iris’s family. She […]

Why Agriculture and Food Education Makes A Difference For Kids

Ag Class Zucchini Relish

Today, rather than add to my 42 draft blog posts that I have yet to finish, I am going to tell you what happened at lunch at our house over the noon hour and not just leave it to myself in a drafts folder.  This happened. Look at the below picture.  A jar of relish […]

Three Pairs of Bison Booties Giveaway

Bison Booties Triangle Bib

It’s time for another North Dakota giveaway. I love babies. I love North Dakota, my home state celebrating its 125th birthday this year. I love small businesses. I love working from home and supporting other women like me growing businesses from their homes, like my friend Erica of Bison Booties. I have gotten to know […]

Every Community Has Treasures (Like A Mink Coat In A Lutheran Church Basement)

Mink Coat From A Lutheran Church Basement

Whether you live in a small town, city, suburb, in the middle of a sprawling field or tucked away in trees, we all have a community that we call our own. I have lived on the edge of my husband’s hometown for over seven years. We are a thousand people in a county of less […]

7 Things About A Teenager’s Background Footage


Our oldest child and only son, Hunter, recently celebrated his 17th birthday. I was sappy, a little sad at the speed of life but mostly reflective. The highlight reel of his life has been running through my head, along with the background footage, as my friend Holly calls it—the moments we live out but never […]