A Father’s Perspective: Vote No on Measure 6 in North Dakota

For The Beauty of the Earth

Since I posted 6 Reasons Why I am Voting No on Measure 6 in North Dakota, I have received hundreds of emails, comments and messages. Everyone has a story and everyone has a need to be heard. I am firmly voting no because I think it is best for North Dakota kids. But regardless of […]

An Equal Parenting Story: 6 Reasons to Vote No on Measure 6 in North Dakota

Family Picture 1997

In 1997, I became a single mother in a complicated situation. For a while, the father of my son, who was never my husband, and I had joint custody—one week with me, one week with him. According to a North Dakota district court, we were to equally share in the nurturing, care and upbringing of […]

The Legacy of Long Marriages That Rarely Make Headlines

63 Years Of Marriage

On October 6, 2014, my grandparents, Oscar and Nola, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In a time when divorce continues to be on the rise, I think it is important to stop and honor the legacies of long-lasting marriages we are surrounded by in the Midwest. I know there are long marriages everywhere. But it […]

109th Birthday Party & Five Generations of North Dakota Women

IrisBday (1 of 1)

How many of us can say we have five generations of family living all within driving distance? Very few. It’s a special, living legacy gift and one that we have in our family that starts with our Great Aunt Iris, who never married and is my late great-grandfather Odin’s sister. We are Iris’s family. She […]

Why Agriculture and Food Education Makes A Difference For Kids

Ag Class Zucchini Relish

Today, rather than add to my 42 draft blog posts that I have yet to finish, I am going to tell you what happened at lunch at our house over the noon hour and not just leave it to myself in a drafts folder.  This happened. Look at the below picture.  A jar of relish […]

Three Pairs of Bison Booties Giveaway

Bison Booties Triangle Bib

It’s time for another North Dakota giveaway. I love babies. I love North Dakota, my home state celebrating its 125th birthday this year. I love small businesses. I love working from home and supporting other women like me growing businesses from their homes, like my friend Erica of Bison Booties. I have gotten to know […]

Every Community Has Treasures (Like A Mink Coat In A Lutheran Church Basement)

Mink Coat From A Lutheran Church Basement

Whether you live in a small town, city, suburb, in the middle of a sprawling field or tucked away in trees, we all have a community that we call our own. I have lived on the edge of my husband’s hometown for over seven years. We are a thousand people in a county of less […]