Women in Ag: Jane Huso Lukens from GriggsDakota


What defines you? Who has been influential in cultivating that definition?  There is one woman who has been that force in my 35 years of life more than any other person in the world. 1981, photography by Ron and Toni Jacobson She is an introvert. I’m an extrovert. I inherited my dad’s personality, but she […]

3 Simply Sweet Boxes of Holiday Baking Giveaway


Need a jump start for your holiday baking? In honor of the 30 Days of Women in Agriculture series this month, I am sharing some of my favorite things and provide you with some treats and gifts to kick-off the holiday season. Some of my favorite holiday treats are made by my favorite women in […]

Women in Ag: Arizona & California’s Caitlin Antle Wilson

Caitlin Antle Wilson Women in Ag

Who grows the pack of lettuce you bought this week at your grocery store? There’s a good chance it is grown by a multi-generational farming family in the heart of the Salinas Valley of California or near Yuma, Arizona. Working daily in her family’s farming business is Caitlin Antle Wilson, a next generation of women […]

Women in Ag: Minnesota’s Fierce Farmer and Agvocate, Karolyn Zurn

Karolyn Zurn Women in Ag

Karolyn Zurn is a Callaway, Minnesota farmer, just east of Fargo, North Dakota. She is fierce farmer with a smile on her face. What Karolyn did as a woman in agriculture for me was push me when I needed a push. If you know Karolyn, you know what I mean. For those that have not […]

Women in Ag: California’s 80 Year-Old Lemon Farmer, Elaine Cavaletto

Women in Ag 2014 Featured on The Pinke Post

We all can learn from our elders. Today you can connect with an 80 year-old California lemon farmer, a true leader in agriculture who farms just 50 miles north of Los Angeles. Learn from her about love for family as she shares about the recent passing of her husband of 58 years and the 1997 […]

Women in Ag: Fifth-Generation Florida Farmer Sarah Carte

Sarah Carte Women in Ag

“I was taught a work ethic. I learned that sometimes what we wanted to do had to wait until the things we had to do got done, I learned things did not always work out like we planned, but I also learned that they did too.  I learned it was important to take pride in and […]

Women in Ag: Anne Burkholder, Nebraska’s Feedyard Foodie

Anne Burkholder Women In Ag

A Florida girl turned Ivy League college athlete turned Nebraska farmer and feedyard owner, Anne Burkholder is a woman in agriculture that brings transparency and clarity to where beef comes from and how it is raised. Anne lives near Cozad, Nebraska, grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida as a “city girl” and met her […]