Stop For The Sunset

North Dakota August Sunset

Last night, after an evening church service on the prairie, I hopped out of the vehicle and stopped for the sunset. The days are getting shorter and summer is waning but the North Dakota sky still delivers. I kneeled alongside the highway, listening to our three kids and my husband visit back in the vehicle with […]

Wheat and Barley Harvest

North Dakota winter wheat

The wheat and barley on the North Dakota prairie has ripened. Although Jimmy Kimmel’s gluten segment from this spring makes me laugh, I’m a bit of a defensive wheat and barley farmer’s daughter. I love wheat and barley. I soak up all its beautiful, healthy, whole-grain glory. And unless I suddenly develop Celiac’s disease, I […]

North Dakota’s Banquet In A Field

Banquet In A Field

CommonGround North Dakota held its inaugural Banquet in a Field on August 12, 2014 at Peterson Farms Seed, near Prosper, North Dakota. I’ve been a part of planning this event since last winter. This event seated 110 people to a five-course meal, prepared by Tony and Sarah Nasello of Sarello’s Restaurant. Banquet in a Field […]

North Dakota Date Night: Coteau des Prairie Lodge and The Lost Italian

The Pinke Post_Coteau des Prairie Lodge

After the county fair and then a long weekend to western North Dakota with family and friends, Nathan and I probably should have stayed home Sunday night to catch up on work around our house and yard. We have a full schedule ahead of us this week. But it was 93 F outside.We were home […]

Glamping With Four Generations of North Dakotans

The Pinke Post

It’s going to take me four days to recover from a three-day celebrating weekend. Anyone else feel this way? But what memories are you taking with you? I thought about it early this morning over a cup of coffee and the memories from this weekend will stick with our kids and family for decades to […]

Age Five with 20 Princesses At A Party

The Pinke Post Anika_Cake

July kicks off with a bang at our house. We aren’t Canadian but live awfully close. So while we could celebrate Canada Day on July 1, we instead celebrate our youngest, baby girl, Anika. Her birthday morning started with her crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night and with her sister […]

It Wasn’t Meant To Be In June


As June ends, I have a lump in my throat, a tightness in my chest and a little extra moisture in my eyes while I look through photos my sister sent me in an email yesterday. It started out as an after church photo shoot last weekend for Anika’s fifth birthday and evolved into a […]