Crock-Pot Craze: Quick & Easy Reuben Wraps

With hectic summer schedules and the heat, I am cooking easy family meals. A new favorite are Reuben Wraps made with corned beef in the slow cooker, whole wheat tortillas and a few yummy toppings. They take less than 10 minutes to put together for a full family meal and as our teenager Hunter says are “delish!”

I double most recipes to keep extra leftovers on hand for my husband and son to have for lunch or snack the next day. 

I started corned beef in my slow cooker Crock-Pot in the early morning. 
Each cut was about 3 lbs. and came with a spice packet in the package from the grocery store.
 Place corned beef in your slow cooker.
 Pour in 4 cups of apple juice. 
I added 6 cups since I was doing extra meat.
 I sprinkled the spice packets provided onto the corned beef.
If you don’t have the spice packet, toss in some mustard seed, cloves, red pepper flakes and call it good. 
I left the slow cooker on low for the entire day and pretty much forgot about it while I worked and went to Hunter’s double header baseball games. 
You can do this on high on your slow cooker for 3 1/2-4 hours and the meat will cook also. 
 When I came home the corned beef was done and so tender it was falling a part. 
I preheated the oven to 350F to have a place to warm up and melt the cheese on the wraps once they were assembled.
 I buy whole wheat tortillas for extra whole grains and fiber. Then you just need Thousand Island salad dressing, sauerkraut and sliced cheese for the wraps. Traditional Reuben sandwiches have Swiss cheese on them but I had Pepper Jack on hand. It gave the wraps a fun zest and spice and we’ll definitely use Pepper Jack on these wraps again. 
Slice the corned beef and I’m sure you’ll start snitching like I did. It was so tender, flavorful and yummy.
 I spread a thin layer of fat-free Thousand Island dressing on the wrap, topped the sliced corned beef with sauerkraut and cheese and wrapped up, placing on a baking sheet. 
 For those that don’t have the acquired taste for sauerkraut (my 2 and 3 year old daughters), I made these with just corned beef, cheese and dressing. Personally, Reuben’s are my absolute favorite sandwich on earth. 
 Place the wraps into the oven for 5 minutes, just enough to melt the cheese and warm the tortillas. If you don’t have corned beef to slow cook throughout the day, the deli style corned beef works excellent for these wraps. 
While the wraps warmed, I chopped up some fruit to accompany the wraps for supper and poured milk for everyone. 
 Baseball games were finished. Everyone walked in the door to eat and I had to run out the door to teach our community water aerobics class. 
There is a moment just about every night where our toddlers are starving, unsettled and begging to eat fruit snacks. Hunter is saying, “I’m starving. What’s for supper?” My husband is smiling saying, “Is there anything I can do to help?” (Translated to “when is supper going to be ready so we can eat”…but he will do anything to help me get the food on the table.)
And if I don’t have something ready to go at that daily moment, I feel panicked. 
But when supper is on the table, there is family peace.
I dashed out the door. My family was fed and happy with Reuben Wraps on a Monday night. 
It’s steamy and hot right now on the North Dakota prairie. We have temperatures around 100F with heat index of 115-116F. Dry hot summers were used to, humid summers we are not. 
What do you cook to keep it simple in the kitchen in the heat? I need some ideas for this week!
I’m linking up with Beyer Beware for Hunk of Meat Monday today to check out a few other fun family recipes and linking up for Kelly’s Korner Crockpotalooza 

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  1. OMG – I am drooling, it’s 12:45 and I haven’t eaten lunch. Looks delish! We’ll have to try this one.



  2. I love reuben anything and these look delicious! I’m making this for my family this week! thank you.

  3. These look soooo good. Reubens are my favorite sandwich.

  4. I have to admit I have never made corned beef. I think I need to try though. These look yummy. We love eating reubens out so might as well eat them at home. Thanks for linking up to Hunk of Meat Monday.

  5. Hai Dear

    This looks yummy….you have a lovely blog… You have so many wonderful recipes..I have bookmarked you blog and some recipe from that to try..Please check out my blog.I am having a Giveaway in my blog..Please check it out and partcipate in that..


  6. Popping in from Kelly’s Korner! These sound SO good and I can’t wait to make them : )

  7. Oh my goodness. These look so so so so good.

  8. I love this! One question. Do you heat the kraut? I would think you would have to because not enough time in the oven. I live alone and this seems like a go to quick supper for me. Thanks.

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