Crock-Pot Pinto Bean & Ham Soup Recipe

It’s bitterly cold outside. Warming up inside with hearty soup is one of my winter strategies of coping with cold. I have made three soups in the last few days. One of them is a new Pinto Bean and Ham Crock-Pot recipe. I experimented and found success. Not only is this soup hearty, it’s healthy. […]

Grilled T-bone steaks with grilled vegetables

Who doesn’t love a beautiful grilled steak? My summer cooking is simplified these days and while I promised I was not cooking during our county fair this past weekend because all food could be found at the fair, I gave in and we grilled steaks on Saturday night. It was served on foil platters and […]

Easy Crock Pot Pork Recipe

I like simple summer cooking. Therefore, the less amount the oven and stove are on, the better for me. The Crock-Pot becomes an easy solution. For Miss A’s birthday I made a BBQ pulled pork in the Crock-Pot. It was about 95F outside. I didn’t have to do much cooking, just quick and easy prep […]