Southern Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Oatmeal cookies are comfort food. We found a yummy recipe for Southern Oatmeal Cookies in the Gooseberry Patch Comfort Foods cookbook. Southern sounds warm to me. Since it’s suddenly cold on the northern prairie, I need warm, comforting recipes. This is the tenth recipe I have shared from the Comfort Foods cook book but I have made more than ten recipes. Next week it will be time to give away a copy of the cookbook to a winner. If you win you’ll want to try this cookie recipe.
(Note…the white sugar is off this picture)
You’ll need:
1 cup shortening (we used butter because we love butter…LOVE butter)
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar, packed
2 eggs, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour (I’d mix in a little cake flour for some lift next time)
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
3 cups long cooked oats 
1 cup walnuts or pecans

 I had some help and thankfully Daddy came home for an early supper to get to a board meeting. It was a life saver to have him overseeing my helpers.

 Blend together butter and sugar.

 Mix in eggs and add vanilla. Set aside.

 I added 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spices for added “fall” flavor and it was a good addition to the cookies. Add the pumpkin pie spice to the baking soda, salt and flour and sift together. Daddy sifted with the girls.

Fold in flour mixture. Add and stir 3 cups of long cooked oats. Miss E said this was “cow feed” as it was a part of her rations in feeding the bottle calves this summer with Uncle Jim.

 Stir 1 cup of chopped walnuts or pecans.

 Place rounded balls on greased baking sheet. Bake for 5-7 minutes at 350F. I missed on the baking time and they went a little long. Between getting supper on the table and a girl dressing up to put on a “show” for me, I was distracted.

I rarely go on Ebay anymore but while looking for Halloween costumes I found a woman cleaning out her toy room that sold me all dress up clothes that our girls will spend hours and hours playing with for years to come.  Miss E practiced her “show” while cookies baked…a little long.

Southern Oatmeal Cookies is a keeper recipe and a great comfort food.  Look for a giveaway of this cookbook next week!

Special thanks to Gooseberry Patch for providing me with this great cookbook to try and share with you. If you would like to purchase this or other cookbooks, please visit their store. If you would like to see other great recipes, check out .

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  1. I love butter too! I buy an insane amount every month at Sam’s.

    Oatmeal cookies are my favorite!

  2. These are Tall Guy’s favorite too. Looks like this is a sign that I will be making him some soon. I’ve made every other kind since harvest started. Thanks for the idea AND the recipe!

  3. i used unbleached flour, Splenda white sugar, and Splenda brown sugar to make it diabetic friendly..great recipe..

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