7 things to know in a Cashew Chicken Recipe

We eat at our house, a lot. I used to be really good at documenting it. But lately I have been a little lax on blogging. Since I promised I was going to blog about food this month, I better get on it. Tonight we had Cashew Chicken for supper over white rice. There are […]

Grilled T-bone steaks with grilled vegetables

Who doesn’t love a beautiful grilled steak? My summer cooking is simplified these days and while I promised I was not cooking during our county fair this past weekend because all food could be found at the fair, I gave in and we grilled steaks on Saturday night. It was served on foil platters and […]

Citrus Spice Grilled Chicken

It’s grilling season. Pick up a package of chicken and use this mix of citrus and spicy marinade and get grilling.  We enjoyed this chicken this past weekend while camping. I served it with an Asian chopped salad (love salad mixes in a bag!) and sweet potatoes, roasted over the campfire, served on a fancy […]