The importance of harvest meals

If you’re not from a farm, you might not know “harvest meals.” But let me take you back to what was a century ago with real-life memories of harvest meals from my 111 year-old great-aunt Iris. Through the pictures I’ve shared below you will see modern-day agriculture where farms are still run by families who […]

A slice of Americana: Nana’s homemade game-day meals

For the past five years, my mother-in-law, Carol, has prepared homemade meals on basketball game days at her house for our son, Hunter. When we started this tradition, his graduation in 2016 seemed so far away. I knew it would come in an end, though—and it did a couple weeks ago. Hunter started playing varsity […]

The Pioneer Woman’s New Collection Delivers

It’s not every day I get a box in the mail that isn’t from Amazon Prime. Yesterday was an exception. A box arrived from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, shipped from her small Oklahoma town to my small North Dakota town. Inside were several of the new Pioneer Woman collection of kitchenware and dinnerware items […]