Grilled T-bone steaks with grilled vegetables

Who doesn’t love a beautiful grilled steak? My summer cooking is simplified these days and while I promised I was not cooking during our county fair this past weekend because all food could be found at the fair, I gave in and we grilled steaks on Saturday night. It was served on foil platters and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Birthday & Corned Beef Recipe

Luke, Ellie, Noah (our friends from Iowa) came last weekend to help Nathan celebrate his birthday early with Miss A, Miss E and Hunter. There is an Irish blessing in our family on St. Patrick’s Day. We’re not Irish but we celebrate in grand fashion. It’s Nathan’s birthday today. He’s the man of the house. […]

3 Make Ahead Beef Roasts & Freeze

I promised I would share a few recipes of the 20 meals I have made ahead of time and froze this month for our family evening meals. For full disclosure, I am a family style cooking mom who is simply trying to put solid meals on the table for my family to sit down together […]