Hunk of Meat Monday: Perfectly Pink(e) Grilled Ribeye Steak

One of the FIRST questions my now husband asked me on our FIRST date was “Do you eat meat?” 
 Thankfully I was raised eating home-grown beef from my grandpa and uncle’s cow/calf operation. I eat meat. I eat red meat. I eat rare red meat. Steak, in particular, can be grilled unadorned and taste like candy to me. 
My husband loves a medium rare steak as much as me. 

He will tell you during his college days while other college boys were spending their money on beer and video games, he and a few buddies were spending their money at the local butcher shop. A couple of the guys even had their own meat lockers to store their prized meats. Needless to say, we take our steak pretty seriously around here.
 My husband taught me his marinating trick when we married. Two ingredients, soy sauce and garlic powder and I am sure the trick probably came from his cooking wonder mother. 

 Rather than have a fancy Valentine’s dinner out on the prairie this weekend, we opted to stay home and grill steaks last night. In the early afternoon, I tossed the steaks in lower sodium soy sauce and 1 TBSP. of garlic powder. 
 After a few hours of marinating in the fridge, the steaks were ready to hit the grill.
Even with a few feet of snow outside we decided to kick off grilling season. The snow is miraculously melting as temperatures have soared over the past couple days to above freezing during the daylight hours. The wind is howling though so we had to tuck the grill up next to the house.
 My husband, the steak grilling master of our house, got to work. 
He said with ribeye steaks he has the grill turned down to a lower temperature around 300F. Because of the marbling in a ribeye you don’t burn the steak. The marbling melds, creating a juicy, flavorful steak. 

 Don’t waste your marinade. Pour it over the steaks.
 We use an electronic meat thermometer to watch the meat. It tells us what temperature it needs to be to ready to eat. Nathan pulls the steaks at 140F and they continue to cook on the heated steak plates he brings them inside on. It’s a never fail grilling technique.

When our teenager cut open his steak last night, he said, “Grandpa would be proud!” Indeed one of our favorite steak eating lines comes from my Grandpa Sonny. “The best steak should be eaten in the dark”, Grandpa says. Our steaks aren’t so rare that you need to eat them in the dark but they are warm centered and medium rare. Last night’s in particular were a delicious Valentine’s treat. I shared my steak with the girls. Next time, Miss E will get her own steak because she downed her fair share of my steak and was asking for more last night. Indeed, Grandpa is proud.
What’s your favorite way to prepare and enjoy a good steak?

Hunk of Meat Mondays
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  1. We had ribeyes on Saturday night! I love McCormicks Montreal Steak Seasoning. I just love how a good corn fed steak needs so little seasoning!

  2. Oh Katie – Great men think alike. My husband adores the Ribeye. In fact I just purchased two at the store earlier for our Monday Night Valentine’s Day dinner. Might as well have a fabulous dinner at home then head out to an over crowded restaurant. As for seasoning, Jake grew up on the Central Coast where Suzy Q’s is a staple in any seasoning cupboard. I will make sure you get some for the Praire next time you are out in California. It makes anything taste great! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  3. You know my favorite way to marinade steak: Coke! I usually add some other goodies to the liquid, but the key ingredient remains the same.
    Mike and I are having steaks for our V-day date night in also. 🙂 Since he’s working tomorrow, we’re doing it next weekend.

  4. That’s a great looking steak and good recipe

  5. The quote about eating steak in the dark made me laugh. I’d truly be needing it as I like mine medium well. 🙂

  6. Love it!

  7. happy to see you at Farmhouse…i enjoyed reading this…i roasted a prime rib Saturday night…rare…and it was good. i have tried…and failed…going vegetarian several times and finally said..oh, just forget it..i LOVE rare meat too much to give it up 🙂

    I LOVE your blog….and am HAPPY to follow….
    Happy Valentines Day

  8. I saw your post at “My Farmhouse Kitchen” and decided to pop over to see what was going on! I’m now your newest Follower.

    Love your steaks! We had a surf and delmonico steak dinner at home last evening! I’m going to have to try that meat thermometer trick!

    If you have some time, pleas come by for dessert, it’s sinful! Have a lovely day!


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