35 North Dakota Sunrises and Sunsets of 2013

Wide open spaces on the North Dakota prairie completely and utterly captivate me, particularly at sunrise and sunset. I pull over when driving. I run out into fields. I take screens off our second story windows. I stand onto top of our pick-up. I even crawled out my son’s bedroom window onto our garage roof […]

Escaping Winter (in the Spring)

This week has been filled with Hunter winning several awards at the State Science Fair (which Miss E was proud to display and Miss A cried for pictures), our local FFA banquet which Hunter recited the FFA Creed (the girls loved attending with us), the arrival of snow geese back to the prairie and then […]

WW Linky & Giveaway: Finally My Very Own Starbuck’s

I might live 97 miles from Starbuck’s. But there’s a new barista on the prairie. He has a brand new espresso maker of his own he received as a Christmas gift. And thankfully this barista is married to me and makes me double shot lattes. Yesterday I had 3 of them to keep me going! […]