Wordless Wednesday w/ linky: Our boy of Fall

It’s Wordless Wednesday and I’m going to keep it short today. Simple and sweet. 32 is our boy our Fall, an 8th grader playing small town nine-man football on the North Dakota prairie. Small town games are a community event. It’s a gathering place. Win or lose, which we were on the losing end tonight, it is still a memory forever burned into my mind. In five years, our boy of Fall will (God willing) be in college and life will be so different. So I am going to relish in the chaos of road tripping to weekly games for the next four plus years and enjoy the warm (or cool) Fall days of watching our boy. 
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What’s your favorite Fall activity?
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  1. I love to do anything related to halloween in the fall! The magazines at the store are so tempting!

  2. Katie, I just love that high school football is such a community event where you live. Like one big family that supports each other. Wish it was a bit more like that here in CA:)

  3. Aw, I just love this! It’s the story of my life with the kids except we moved to such a tiny town last year that we don’t have football. I miss the somewhat tiny town we lived in in KY. At least we had football there…and the sense of community you spoke about. 🙂

  4. I am in such a fall mood you would not believe it. Thanks for hosting this week and allowing me to show off this crazy festival & contest.

  5. how sweet. yes, i can only imagine if you blink, those 5 yrs will be gone and he’ll be grown…

  6. Enjoy it! Hopefully they’ll get ’em next time 😉

  7. Fall, how I miss it being down in So FLA … we have to travel North for our ‘fix’ every October 🙂

  8. My son is playing football and it is 3 games per week….freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity….whew! Good luck to your young man.

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