On this day in 1975…a marriage began

Today my parent’s celebrate 43 years of marriage. Here’s a look back at some grand memories from the “early days”. They still share the same smiles and twinkle! They still attend the church they were married in, farm the land my mom’s grandparents and parents farmed and most importantly are a cornerstone of Christian marriage […]

A marriage from 1975

A long marriage is rare in America. I think it’s worth pausing to celebrate the healthy, long marriages in our lives. Today my parents celebrate 42 years of marriage. They share a relationship my husband and I have often looked to as an example to model in our own marriage. My mom through the years has blogged […]

I am not a farm widow

I’m not a farm widow. This time of year when the tractors and planters start rolling in our area farm fields I start hearing from a few lonely spouses and the “farm widow” chatter starts picking up on social media. “Farm widow” refers to a spouse, often a wife, left at home while her farmer-husband is […]