A marriage from 1975

A long marriage is rare in America. I think it’s worth pausing to celebrate the healthy, long marriages in our lives. Today my parents celebrate 42 years of marriage. They share a relationship my husband and I have often looked to as an example to model in our own marriage. My mom through the years has blogged with thousands of pictures on GriggsDakota. I borrowed a few photos. First from her 2010 post celebrating their Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day) wedding day and then from her 2013 anniversary post of I Got You, BabeMy mom didn’t marry my dad for his blue, floral tuxedo fashion sense in 1975. Their young love of the 1970’s was a lifelong commitment. My baptism was February 25, 1979 and I love the picture from it.

My mom said to me just last weekend, “I am so glad Dad and I took the time to invest in our kids.”Invest in us, they did. It wasn’t with fancy things necessarily. Their investment was their time and commitment to us and each other. We not only got loving, hard-working parents. Each of us had an example of what a healthy marriage should be. My siblings and I learned from and have sought it out for ourselves in our own marriages.

I realize in both the above and below pictures my parents are younger than I am today! I remember taking the above picture with my mom’s camera. It remains one of my favorite captures today.By the 1990’s our family was complete. My mom took the opportunity to document her four children in matching sweaters. You can see my love for the sweater on my face. I’m sure I was ugly about it. Thankfully, my parents managed to love me through it.

Through all life has thrown at my parents, their marriage example exemplifies a commitment to one another, selfless love and keeping God at the center of their marriage. It’s exceptional.

I hope our kids see my husband and I celebrate 42 years of a strong and steady marriage. If you both live into your 90’s, Mom and Dad, you can celebrate with us!


  1. What a great post Katie! Seeing such strong family ties gives me much hope for my own marriage and what is possible in the future for my kids. And the photos are the BEST!

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