The gift of presence (not presents)

When my mother-in-law and I were headed to my son’s first basketball game in Ellendale, N.D., we struck up a conversation about Christmas celebrations gone by. Both her dad and mom’s families came to the U.S. on boats from German Russian roots. The first-generation Americans settled near Kulm and Wishek, N.D. With limited resources and […]

Disney in December

One of our favorite places in December is Disney World in Orlando. My parents brought Hunter to Disney World when he was a fourth grader in his last week of being an only child. His excitement hooked us all and we love this time of year, Disney style. Nathan planned five days for us this year […]

683 Strudels Later: Happy Mother’s Day

I was spoiled with love this weekend and extra special gifts from a homemade candy and cookies bouquet, homemade cards, apple trees, pear trees and rose bushes.  Over the past ten plus days, I have had some ongoing medical issues. It’s a long story for a different day. I’m going to be okay but on […]