Wordless Wednesday: Miss E’s Molten Chocolate Cake

At age three, Miss E has a sweet tooth and nothing brings a smile to her face quite like dessert. For a special treat, we made Almost-Famous Molten Chocolate Cake from a Food Network recipe delivered to my email inbox. The best part of making the individual cakes oozing with hot fudge was definitely the pay off of eating our creations.

What’s your favorite dessert to bake or at least your favorite treat to enjoy?

Try for yourself the Almost-Famous Molten Chocolate Cake recipe, highly recommended by Miss E and join us by linking up today with your Wordless or Wordful Wednesday post today.
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  1. I’m with Miss E, anything sweet is good. She is sooo cute.

  2. Looks like she definitely enjoyed the chocolate heheh!

    Happy WW!

  3. I need to try that cake! She’s so adorable!

  4. She’s adorable! Thanks for linking up to mine 🙂

    Dagmar’s momsense

  5. adorable face, chocolate or not. and i LOVE molten choco cake!!! mmmmm

  6. Cute pic! Cake sounds delish. I love baking, especially with chocolate, so I’m gonna have to try this recipe. I have a great recipe for chocolate cream cheese cupcakes that you might like.

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