Irresistible Valentine’s Cake Pops

A box arrived yesterday from Auntie Lori with homemade and freshly made cake pops. 
Cake pops are trendy. 
Cake pops are divine.
Cake pops are on the prairie now. 
(Thanks Lori!)
Anika calls them “guckers” like suckers. But they are so much more than a lollipop sucker. They are moist, rich vanilla cake with white chocolate coating.
 I have never tasted anything so good in such a bit sized pop. That is a huge statement. I can’t stop eating them. Today started off with me eating two of them and I didn’t have my first cup of coffee gone yet. 
 To curb my eating I am encouraging the kids to eat more of them, less for me then. As you can see they aren’t putting up much of a fight that their mother is insisting they eat more cake pops.
Now if you need a Valentine’s treat to make this weekend there are great “how to make cake pops” tutorials on blogs. 
Start with the original “founder” of cake balls and cake pops, Bakerella and then venture over to my kindred spirit whose new novel I am reading this weekend Pioneer Woman for another excellent photo rich tutorial on how to make cake pops. In case you still need more help and inspiration, find a cake pops recipe resource in a Home Hack tutorial on TheKitchn. 
Now get to it and let me know if do venture into making Valentine’s cake pops. I’ll be indulging in ours while you bake and dip away.
If you aren’t going to make cake pops for Valentine’s for your sweetheart, do you have another sweet treat you have made? I received a recipe yesterday via a daily Food Network email for Almost Famous Chocolate Molten Cake. It would be a hit at our house and I’m planning on making it tomorrow once we have finished off all the cake pops!


  1. I’ve never made them, but I’ve had them before – heaven on a stick…

  2. I don’t have a Valentine this year, but I have cake recipe that I adapted that’s become fairly famous among my family (and my ex’s). There’s a lot of cooling/setting time involved but the finished product is a gooey, delicious mess of amazingness.

    Devil’s Food Chocolate cake (usually out of a box)

    Bake in 2 8-inch round sheets and allow to cool.

    Layer with hot fudge in the middle, rather than icing. I prefer Smuckers brand ice cream topper fudge.

    Allow to cool.

    Poke holes in the cooled cake, as deep as you’d like but not too consistent to make it crumbly. I usually use a butter knife.

    Mix one can of sweetened condensed milk and 8 oz. of caramel (again, I prefer Smuckers ice cream topper for this). Pour over your Devil’s Food-Fudge layer cake, allowing it to soak into the holes.

    Refrigerate (or freeze) until the cake is firm, sliceable, and gooey.

    Sometimes if I’m feeling extra charitable I sprinkle crushed Heath bar toffee over the top of it…it depends on who I’m making it for and what they prefer.

    Best dessert I’ve ever made and probably the most fattening, too.

  3. The cake pops are so cute! The Pioneer Woman re-posted a recipe for a mocha cake that is molten and looks yummy, just an FYI!

  4. I haven’t made these yet, but been meaning to.
    Found your blog via GoodenessGracious. Following now!
    PS: North Dakota looks awfully cold!

  5. I’ve never made them, but they are so trendy.

  6. there’s going to be alot of people on a sugar high on Monday….they look great..

  7. Ohh my goodness!!! I feel a pregnancy craving coming on strong. 🙂

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