For Your Easy Brunch: Go-To Ham Egg Bake

In the midst of chaos on the weekends, you’ll often find me in the kitchen on a Saturday night making an easy egg bake with ham and cheese. Egg bake recipes are often similar and I have modified many times over to figure out what works best so they aren’t runny, have the right amount of ham, eggs, bread and cheese with some added seasoning. 
Start with ham. I often keep a ham in the freezer and a ham in our extra fridge. Ham for sandwiches and casseroles throughout the week and then ham for Sunday’s Ham Egg Bake for brunch. 
Cut into cubes and set aside 4 cups of ham.

In a mixing bowl add 8 eggs, whisk and add 4 cups of milk.
Then I add 1 tsp of minced onion, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp of season salt and my favorite seasoning…
1 TBSP of Cajun (non salt). 
Mix and set aside your egg mixture.
Spray non-stick cooking spray on a 9 x13 pan and cut or tear up 8 slices of bread. I cut into small bits. Place bread bits across bottom of the pan. 
Pour egg mixture evenly over the bread bits.
Then add the 4 cups of cubed ham evenly over the egg soaked bread.
 Cover the ham with plenty of shredded cheddar cheese and finish with freshly ground pepper. 
Cover the pan and place in your refrigerator over night. 
Literally from start to finish total prep time on this Ham Egg Bake is 10 minutes. It is so fast I hardly took any pictures!
Maybe it is because I have made the Ham Egg Bake so many times? Maybe it is because it’s usually late on a Saturday night when the house is silent and I’d rather be sleeping when I am making it? But guaranteed making this the night before will make your next day easier. I have also made this egg bake during the work week and we have Ham Egg Bake for supper. And as always, I most often make two pans of it.
Remember, I am feeding a hungry like a pack of wolves teenager who eats leftover Ham Egg Bake as a snack.
Another time saver for Sunday brunch is to set your table the night before.
About an hour before you want to eat, preheat your over to 350F. 
When the oven is ready, remove from the Ham Egg Bake from the fridge. Place uncovered in oven for 40 minutes.
Cut up some fruit, fry up some potatoes, sip on your coffee and pour some orange juice while your Ham Egg Bake bakes up.
Many recipes call for less time. I like a solid set egg bake. I bake for 350F for 40 minutes in my oven. After 30 minutes, you can check it and determine what works best for you.
Set out to set up and cool for 10 minutes before cutting and serving. 
I am linking up to A Latte with Ott A for the Dakin Farm Iron Chef Challenge. Check out Dakin Farm on Facebook and Twitter and get yourself a big ol’ smoked, maple glazed Dakin Farm ham. Warning: The Dakin Farm web site will make you drool and extremely hungry. 
What’s your brunch specialty that you like to make?


  1. Yum! I love doing these sorts of egg casseroles – it’s easy and a great way to use up massive amounts of chicken eggs 🙂

  2. Yum! Will have to try but in a much smaller portion for my family! Thanks for coming by
    I also follow you now!

  3. ow, i love these…i have one that includes frozen hash brown. my problem is, it’s just my husband and i left in the house, so i only serve these if we’ve having people over for brunch (which isn’t very often).

  4. Thanks for posting, Katie. I’m always on the lookout for good recipes, and breakfast casseroles are the best. I needed a good ham and egg casserole to add to my collection. This fits the bill perfectly! Our frozen Easter ham leftovers will be put to deliciously good use…

  5. Perfect!
    I cooked up a ham for sunday dinner and I still have a ton!
    Looks Delish!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  6. Looks very good and a great way to use up my eggs!

  7. Looks yummy I am always looking for a new egg dish. . . I will have to give this a try. Thanks.

    Thanks for your prayers for my brother and his wife and the rest of our family during this difficult time again.

  8. Holy heck, that looks good! I need to try and make it. 🙂


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