What if your farm or small town disappeared?

What if your farm or small town disappeared? If you wanted to show your grandkids where you grew up, would the house still be standing? What about your school and church—those places that gave you roots during your developmental years? One Saturday not too long ago, my mother-in-law, Carol, had the idea to take a […]

Raising rural kids who bake, sew and wrestle

One of the greatest advantages to living in rural America is the chance to give our kids a simple country lifestyle. We live far from city lights and traffic jams. Kids have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, and oftentimes no one is cut from the team. If you want to join, there’s a […]

We Love North Dakota Class B: Family. Friendships. Fans.

Class B boys basketball officially wrapped up this weekend. We went to Minot, North Dakota to watch as fans. Our boys team finished their season with a third place Region 3 win on March 10. Our favorite player/son wasn’t playing in “The B” his senior year like he always dreamed of but still accomplished part […]