3 Make Ahead Beef Roasts & Freeze

I promised I would share a few recipes of the 20 meals I have made ahead of time and froze this month for our family evening meals. For full disclosure, I am a family style cooking mom who is simply trying to put solid meals on the table for my family to sit down together in the evening. My meals won’t knock the socks off everyone. But they are made with the best of intentions.
My five goals of a family meal are: 
1. To not go broke buying fancy, expensive ingredients
2. Not let cooking be stressful
3. Avoid having oodles of dishes to do
4. Most importantly to feed my family a balanced hearty meal
5. A loose last goal could be that no child of mine refuses to eat a meal and instead has to eat a peanut butter sandwich. But that does happen sometimes.
This brings me to beef roasts. Beef prices are high right now. Cattle numbers are at an all time low across the USA. Farmers and ranchers are getting a great price when they sell their beef cows but the hitch is feed prices are skyrocketing. It is very expensive to be a beef rancher these days. Therefore you might see this at the meat case when buying beef. However, I recommend watching the sales buying beef on sale and I wait for the “mark downs” and “must sell” beef cuts. I bought two beef roasts on sale and brought them home to prepare. Each was about 3.5 lbs. I also buy beef in bulk. If you have freezer space  you can purchase 1/4 or 1/2 beef at a local (certified…please I now work down the hall from our state wide meat inspection program and food safety matters) meat locker or butcher shop. 
Here are two methods I prepare the beef roasts I purchased…plus another favorite recipe.

In a Dutch oven over medium on the stove with 1/4 cup of butter I browned the beef roast. 

 I chopped up one red onion and placed over the beef roast. Then added one can of beef broth, 1 tsp. of fresh minced garlic, season salt and fresh black pepper, the more the merrier for me.

I covered the Dutch oven and put in 350F oven for 1 hour. I use a medium thermometer and at 140F I pull it from the oven. I prefer a little pinker but for my kids this is medium and a safe cooked temperature to serve.

Another way I made a beef roast last weekend was by putting it in a shallow baking pan, seasoning with Cayenne pepper, season salt, black pepper and some Penzey’s English Beef Roast seasoning (any salt combination works).

I chopped up an onion and put around the beef roast, added 1 can of beef broth, covered with foil and baked at 275F for two hours. I took a nap.

 I sliced up 7 potatoes, covered and microwaved for 13 minutes on high. Then I placed them in a disposable baking pan and seasoned to taste. Fox Point Seasoning from Penzey’s is a favorite.

I pulled the beef roast when it was still a little pink, sliced and placed over the potatoes, pouring the juices into the dish also.

I covered and froze for future use. We ate beef roast two nights ago from the freezer. Nathan puts it in the oven about 1 1/2 hours before we are going to eat at 300F. It thaws, warms and melds.
Lastly there is Buttermilk Beef Roast to make in your slow cooker. Any way you cook it beef roast is a go to, make ahead, freezer friendly family meal!
You’ll be less stressed with limited dishes and have a happily fed family with make ahead meals.

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  1. Thank you! I love beef, but I needed some new, not fancy, roast recipes! I think that first one is going on the menu plan next week!

  2. Your and my style of cooking is very similar. Nothing fancy but filling and delicious. Will def. try this recipe! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the great recipes and ideas. Much appreciated! 🙂

  4. Your cooking sounds like mine. Simple stuff that everyone likes (mostly). It can be hard to work and get meals on the table!

  5. I like how these are simple – I am so tired of seeing all these fancy spices and exotic ingredients in recipes that claim to be simple.

    Thank you!! Did you make multiples of these and other recipes to get your 40 meals?


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