Global Agriculture Perspective

I am home in North Dakota after one week in Germany where I gained a greater global agriculture perspective, thinking from local farming and how it impacts agriculture from today to 2050. My luggage all arrived home safely last night but my memory card is missing from my camera, which causes photographers complete panic. I […]

The importance of harvest meals

If you’re not from a farm, you might not know “harvest meals.” But let me take you back to what was a century ago with real-life memories of harvest meals from my 111 year-old great-aunt Iris. Through the pictures I’ve shared below you will see modern-day agriculture where farms are still run by families who […]

What if your farm or small town disappeared?

What if your farm or small town disappeared? If you wanted to show your grandkids where you grew up, would the house still be standing? What about your school and church—those places that gave you roots during your developmental years? One Saturday not too long ago, my mother-in-law, Carol, had the idea to take a […]