Time Saving & Easy: Anybody Can Freeze Fruit

My mom bought me two lugs of peaches. They are ripe now and needed some love and attention last night. Via a Twitter conversation, I was given these instructions. I closely followed them and also called my Grandma Nola to confirm what I was doing was on track. She has used her home economics degree every day of her life since graduating from North Dakota State…a long time ago. She is my go-to resource for all things food and fabric.
I hate to peel peaches. I hate to peel potatoes too. I have no patience.
But this method of peeling peaches or any fruit/vegetable with skin is easy and my time-saving method. My mom uses this method for peeling potatoes. I also plan to use in for my garden tomatoes when I make sauces in a couple weeks. 
I had two bowls of ice water on the counter ready to go.
I boiled the water. 
(In the background I also have my sugar solution going for the peaches. I followed the “medium syrup” method. 6 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar and boil until dissolved.)
Then I placed the peaches into the boiling water for 45 seconds. Side note: do not throw the peaches in the water if you don’t want boiling water splashing you. 
After 45 seconds with a slotted spoon I put them into the ice water.
Cooling the peaches. They look they are thanking me.
The result was a huge success. The skin just peels right off and you get a nice slimy peach to quickly cut.
Or you can eat a slimy, skinless peach.
While Hunter sliced a majority of the peaches, I labeled freezer bags, sprinkled Fresh Fruit on the peaches and covered them in the sugar solution.
Fresh Fruit prevents browning on the peaches and I was so excited to find that my little prairie grocery store stocks it. 
I filled each quart bag with 4 cups of peaches and plenty of the sugar solution to protect from freezer burn, leaving about 1/2″ at the top to squeeze out the air and allowing room for expansion in the freezer.
Hunter and I had a lot of freezing peaches together. He went so far to ask if we can do this together every year. If he peels and slices, it makes freezing peaches even easier and time saving for me. This will be an annual event for us.
But remember the 36 quarts of pickles I made last week that needed a refrigerator to be stored?
Well my thoughtful husband had a delivery made from our local hardware store yesterday afternoon into our mud room. 
The extra fridge I needed and had a space saved for now is placed in our mudroom. My canning and freezing initiative was the push we needed to purchase it. It was the most affordable option we could buy and will be well used as our extra fridge. Plus it has additional freezer space for the peaches.
Hunter was peaking last night at the pickles as we placed the peaches in the freezer. We opened a jar and tried them. They need a little more time but are yummy.
Now the peaches have a home. The pickles have a home.
What’s next?
Peach Cobbler is what is next. I learned about Calhoun Bend Mills from my mom. I directly purchase the best corn meal for bread and muffins and a mix fish fry from them. My latest purchase from Amazon (Free Shipping) is a case of Peach Cobbler Mix. 
In the heart of winter on the frozen, baron prairie, we will be enjoying peach cobbler in a matter of minutes. Actually tonight we might be enjoying peach cobbler.
Believe me, if I can learn to freeze peaches, you can. It is easy. It is a time saver to not have to peel peaches and it was a family fun activity for a soon-to-be teenage boy and I last night. 


  1. Who provides your electricity? If you’re a member of KEM Electric Co-op, and that’s an energy star refrigerator, you’re eligible for a rebate! Cash in on the savings!

  2. Bummer our neighbors are KEM but not us. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip KRLC!

  3. I’m thinking about freezing our peaches tomorrow. I just can’t use 25 pounds of peaches in such a short time. I’m not sure what my husband was thinking. lol

  4. I have to say I admire people who can their fruits or save them some how. I am not that motivated!
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