WW Linky: (Proud) Parent’s Night

The 8th grader was called first tonight. He had a blue flower for me. We made our way down the bleachers to the floor for parent’s night.

There were hugs and photos. Last night I dashed out early from a meeting to get to parent’s night on time, only for Hunter to text me en route to say “Sorry Mom. It’s tomorrow.” But Nathan and I were court side again tonight along with Nathan’s parents and my parents. Last night was just the practice run.

But tonight was indeed Parent’s Night for our basketball boy. Basketball has been a journey for Hunter. He loves the game. It’s his passion. We recognized that at a young age and together our family has put on a lot of miles to have him play throughout the year. But really it is just a game. It teaches him discipline, work ethic, winning, losing and team work. 

What I love most about Hunter’s basketball season this year has been our family surrounding him. I made drastic career changes and have been in the stands for games alongside Nathan weekly. My parents have driven 160 miles, one way, or more to almost all the games. Crazy? No, just devoted and loyal fans of their favorite (and only) grandson. Nathan’s parents have trucked with us to games and also stayed home a few times to babysit the girls. My grandparents, siblings, brother-in-law, uncle and cousins have seen Hunter play this season. It’s just a game but it connects us all on the rural prairie.

The sticker that each parent of a player was given to wear tonight summed it up best for me. I am proud of our son, his journey into becoming a basketball player and most of all I am proud of our family for being there for each other through all that life brings us.  It’s not common and it is a gift. Sometimes it takes “Parent’s Night” to be reminded of the gifts we are given.
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  1. congrats to you and your son! basketball is great sport..my husband and i both played as did our first 4 kids..the last 4 are wrestling now..what a different perspective! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Katie
    I think it is awesome Hunter has such a loyal fan base! I hope he appreciates and feels the love of his family. Plus, you and the family get to hang out together on a regular basis.

    When Grandpa came to watch Sister and I show cattle it made the day extra special.

  3. What sort of blue flower did they all hand out? Inquiring minds don’t you know!

  4. Hunter is a lucky and talented boy and you all are a lucky lucky family!!!! As it should be.

  5. SO awesome!

  6. Aww. Love that second photo! What a tender moment captured. Thanks so much for linking up to WW!

  7. So wonderful that Hunter has such a supportive family!

  8. So proud of Hunter and so great to see the memorable pics of a special night for all of you!!

    R and “boys”

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