What little girls love in the summertime

What do little girls love in the summer time?
 Farming with Grandpa Fred. 
My mom had a couple posts this week on our family farm blog GriggsDakota as the girls got in on late Spring seeding of canola and planting soybeans
Miss A was holding my phone in the above picture and yes it says “#AgNerd” on the back of it. Thanks to my “#Agnerd” friends for sneaking that on my phone. I haven’t taken it off. Miss E was wearing Grandpa Fred’s famous hat. He has been farming in an engineer’s hat my entire life time and his dad wore a similar hat. But I think it maybe Miss E’s new look too.
Another new look that our little girls love…
 includes wearing cowgirl boots with shorts in the summertime. 
It’s farm girl fashion as my friend Celeste the couture cowgirl would say. My mom dug out two pairs of Hunter’s old boots this week. The girls think are farm girl fashion rock stars wearing them. 
Anika had her boots off on the above pic but I love that her curls are holding on in the back of her hair. Summertime heat earlier this week had them really curly. I love a little girl with curls in the summertime.
The teenager Hunter goes to work every day with Nathan in our family business. But the little girls love noon picnics in the “city” (laugh if you’d like…as it’s a town of 1000 people with out stop light in the county or any nearby county) park with Daddy and their big brother. 
Notice the gourmet picnic we had this week?
Chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers and french fries from our local summertime burger and ice cream joint.
Lastly, our little girls love playing at the park in the summertime. We’ve been there almost every day this week. The local swimming pool is in the background and was being worked on but now the work is complete. We hope in a couple weeks we can be swimming in it again. With the local “city” pool open, summertime on the prairie will be official. 
What have done to enjoy summertime this week or what will you be doing this weekend?


  1. such sweet little girls! love the hand-holding pic amongst the trees. 🙂

    i will be holed up in A/C most likely this week! summer is heavy upon us in Texas!

  2. Oh cute, cute, cute!

    It’s been dreadfully hot here. But we love to camp out when it’s not in the upper 90s.

  3. Last weekend and start of the week was nice, in the low 80’s. It has rained the last 2 days with highs in the mid 50’s, maybe. We are enjoying a cool and rainy start to summer.

  4. Your girls are so cute in these photos and your son looks so grown up! Nothing like a nice burger joint in town for lunch. We have softball this weekend as my daughter plays for our travel team and my son, who trap shoots on a competitive basis, has a competition. Busy times, but good!

  5. These pictures just say “summertime in the country”!
    Adorable little girls. Summertime for us mostly means being at the race track (or a boat race) almost every weekend.

  6. Your little girls are so adorable!! Looks like some great summertime fun!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  7. Well, you have me beat! Our county has one stop light! 🙂 Love the girls’ pic with Grandpa.


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