Bible school traditions & the Nuk our lifesaver

 Summer is official even if the weather isn’t acting like it now that we have wrapped a week of Bible school. It a community wide event at our little church and an aspect I love about small town North Dakota. Our faith is full of tradition, grounds us and connect us. My memories of Bible school are embedded with packed lunches, games, stories, plenty of singing and crafts. My favorite teacher when I was Miss E’s age was my Aunt Holly. 
Thankfully not much as changed on the prairie with Bible school traditions. Miss E has experienced similar fun this week. Our friend Miss Paula was her teacher. Hunter, our teenage son and I were the Bible story teachers a few days.
Last night was the evening program for parents, grandparents and the community.  Miss E had made it very clear to us at supper, “I will not be sitting with you because I am going to be in the front of the church.” 
When she walked in, she was quite excited to see us awaiting her program.
 Anika dashed across the aisle to her big sister, saying “Me sit with Ebee, me sit with Ebee.” It worked for about 90 seconds.

 Anika got other ideas and had to be brought back to our pew kicking and crying. Thankfully, Grandpa Eldon took it upon himself to be the official wrangler of our suddenly extremely boisterous formerly quiet and passive Miss A.
Her nuk kept her quiet but the deadline is looming of when we are taking it away from her. July….when she turns two and she knows it and it makes her cry. I am just going to relish in the month we have left with the green nuk as a lifesaver.
 Miss E and the crew of Bible School kids sang their hearts out through Veggie Tales songs, traditional hymns and favorite Bible school songs I remember as a kid.
 The B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the book for me…
 along with a little I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away
When I die, hallelujah by and by, I’ll fly away
Some bright morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away
To a land on God’s celestial shore, I’ll fly away…”
Our little prairie beach beauty was quite the Bible school gal.
Watching our community kids sing their hearts out last night reminded me that sometimes we need just to have faith, do what we can and let go. 
And on that note of faith…
There’s a bit of upheaval on the prairie right now. Bismarck, North Dakota, the nearest big city to us is flooding from a swollen Missouri River. In addition, my parents, brother and the GriggsDakota farming crew need big planting and seeding days over the next two weeks to get the crops in on our family farm despite numerous weather delays. 
Bible school is just as good for the adults as it is for the kids I think. The river will rise and fall. The farming will get done. We need to keep the faith. And my husband is going to keep the faith this weekend that the fish are going to bite. 


  1. Great reminder. Faith, family and friends. They make life sweet.
    Um, can I just say that those girlies are the CUTEST! Love the pics!

  2. my hubby is in bismarck preparing for that flood as we speak…

    your little girl is just a cutie pie! but you know that already!

  3. Ughhh, the dreaded binky battle. I have been putting it off and off and off and sadly Emersyn STILL has hers at bed/naptime. I cave and I just don’t have the ambition right now with the boys SOON on the way. We’re doing things much differently this next round….Travis’ words 🙂

  4. I love Bible school. This will be my second year teaching the kindergartners and they are so fun! I feel for you on the plug (that’s what we call it) battle. Mel is 2.5 and still has hers. We planted B’s in the garden when she was 2 and that worked like a charm because she thought it would grow and she would have a whole crop of plugs. Mel isn’t following for that one though. I can’t handle that battle until planting is over…which is becoming another battle. Your family is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I remember the dreaded binkie. lol. If I remember right we pulled the plug about that time too. Good luck…

  6. Our Bible school starts June 6-10, and I am in charge of what I like to call, “Sweating to the Holies” because I do the beginning and end of the day with songs and dances. We do NOT have air conditioning in the gym, and the last two years have been rather warm. I would love to being doing it right now because current temps are in the 50’s! Sheesh! Just saw that the Rockies are experiencing a huge snow!

    We have all our crops in now, but places just south, east, and west of us had over 3 inches or more of rain, so now crops that were up are under water. So far we are ok, but I just have to pray for those who are looking at replanting and still getting first crops in the ground. This year is going to test our heart strings.

    Hope the sunshine finds you soon!

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