When you need a little down time…

When you need a little down time on a long weekend, I highly recommend a visit to the isolated, rural prairie where all I am hearing this weekend are the laughs of my children, the singing of meadowlarks, the crackling of a campfire and enjoying a long night’s sleep in a camper. 
Camping with electricity, hot showers and mattresses with real beds is our long weekend prairie get away.
What are you doing this weekend to unwind?


  1. sounds a lot like heaven! i can smell the campfire from here!

  2. I can’t wait to take our boys camping – even if it’s only to the back yard!
    Today we had a Very Lazy Saturday… blankets and movies all day, it’s been so windy here that heading outside did not even sound like a bit of fun.
    Enjoy your relaxing weekend getaway!

  3. So love camping! We’ve been meaning to plan a little trip!

  4. Watching my radar and rain gauge, and trying to avoid squishing frogs on the road! ICK! We are just lying low this weekend so far. We were going to go to state park and hike, but we changed our plans after yesterday’s .7 inches of rain. Too much water on those trails on a dry day!

    Love your pictures and the idea of tranquility. I have the Indy 500 on the radio. It’s almost over, Danica is leading, but she still needs to pit. Hang on to your hats!


  5. It has been so long since I’ve been camping–I envy your being able to just get away from it all! I’m sure you’re having an enjoyable and fun time!!! I’ll look forward to hearing about it!!

  6. Katie, lovely! We went on an out-of-town adventure in good ol’ ND this weekend to take in my sister’s first child’s graduation. Had a lovely time with the cousins hanging out on the lawn. I took a few photos and enjoy the delicious spread my sister had prepared. It was a very nice day. Thanks for sharing yours, too!

  7. So lovely!
    Would love to have a break, but thus we are farmers and we dont go by the normal persons calender.
    We have to get the ground ready to plant the beans, so a work weekend for us!
    But, I know you will have enough fun for us all!!

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