Spreading Christmas Cheer On The Prairie

 2010 has been an exhausting year yet it has been a exhilarating year for both our personal and professional lives. 
We decided to toast and celebrate our 2010 and spread some Christmas cheer this year with our small business contractors by having them come to our house this afternoon.
 After my last business trip of the year, I deplaned entering into a white-knuckle freezing rain then snowstorm drive home. Upon safe arrival, I got in my share of squeezes and hugs. Then, I immediately started to get myself organized for our Christmas Cheer party. But it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my dear husband vacuuming every dust bunny out of every corner of the house, putting away ALL the laundry, making every bed, organizing every bedroom and generally taking care of any detail I asked or he thought of…which boils down to me being greatly blessed.
I was able to do high volumes of food preparation for the party solely because my in-laws took the girls for naps and had us over for a couple meals. 
Plus Hunter’s traveling team basketball team coach picked him up and returned him from his one day only tournament, which they won late last night. 
In between our Christmas Cheer party preparation, Miss E and I had Sunday School. Nathan directed our church youth band’s debut which included Hunter and friends playing five Christmas carols. Hunter played a beautiful rendition of Silent Night on the piano for offertory. A few basketball games, a long road trip, little sleep and the boy can still make beautiful music which completely put me in the Christmas spirit.
 By this afternoon we were ready for our Christmas Cheer party.
 Today is my Grandma Nola’s birthday. In her great honor, Miss E and I had made a fabulous party punch and used the beautiful punch bowl set she gave me for my birthday this past year.

 Even my office was clean for the party. My neat and organized husband put plastic on the wood floors for everyone’s shoes. 
 My favorite Christmas ornaments made annually by my longtime friend Holly at Badman Designs in Grand Forks, North Dakota are on the branches in our entry. They are metal and original. Holly just sent our 2010 ornament as a gift this week. Plus we have an ornament customized for each of our children. They are so unique and I love showcasing them. (Thanks Holly K!)
 Every extra chair was set up for the crowd.
We have four Christmas trees. The above fresh tree is our largest, measuring about nine feet in height and six feet wide…literally.
 Our home filled with people and I set my camera aside to enjoy the Christmas cheer while we feasted.

 I didn’t manage to get a picture with all the kids together.
 Anika’s lastest and greatest is to pull out her hair bow and smear any and all food into her hair. This child had a bath this morning. I promise. She was saying “Moooommmmmyyy” while I took her picture.
Regardless, she thoroughly partied it up and was grand entertainment for the group.
Everyone that attended is a part of our family business and it was a rewarding way to bring in the week of Christmas.
Christmas cheer brings dirty dishes though and little time to blog. 
But my Christmas spirit is ready to tackle these dishes and excited for a week to celebrate the season with friends and family. 


  1. The house looks GORGEOUS- WOW!!!! Looks like a fun party…and LOVE your dishes!!

    Glad you had fun…

    R and boys

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