My Top 10 2010 Travel Tips

Moving to the prairie, my husband and I knew he would be giving up his corporate career and instead immerse himself in the family business. 
He gave up being a road warrior.
But I became a road warrior upon moving to the prairie.
I kept my career, working from home and traveling to meetings, my company offices and conferences.
I live 92 miles from our house to the Bismarck, North Dakota airport…and that is the back roads, short cut route. Plus depending on what we had going on as a family I also flew out of Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota airports this year. In 2011, I think I will add Aberdeen, South Dakota and Jamestown, North Dakota to that list just to support small town airports.
I have flown over 90 flights this year with over 80 of them being on Delta. The other flights were on United, American, Alaska and Southwest.
I am exhausted but from it all I have a few travel tips that can make all of your travel experiences run more smoothly in 2011.
1. Don’t check your luggage.   
Get one good expandable roller suitcase and pack accordingly.
There are numerous fees for checking luggage unless you are a frequent flier and those fees are waived. 
If you must check luggage, include a change of clothes in your carry-on.
2. Carry a large purse

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