A New Roof Goes Up On The Prairie

Three years ago, my first ever blog post was when the roof of our new house was going up. I took pictures and created a blog. My three readers were impressed. Then a few days later, I had a baby and this blog transformed into documenting our family life on the prairie. 
But three years later there is a roof going up again on the prairie skyline in our yard.

 This is the roof to our new outdoor building to the west of our house.
The person behind on wheel is a woman, Jacy, who works with her husband and father-in-law and are local carpenters we work with in our business. I was so impressed with Jacy’s skills as I took these pictures. Roof trusses were perfectly placed by her.
My husband has fielded many questions from neighbors if he is building a horse barn.
Nathan cringes at that as getting in to horses sounds like a lot of work and money to him.

But I just smile and say we have the new saddle waiting in the basement of our house for the horse.
 Our teenage son is most excited for the new building to have a basketball hoop in it. Outdoor basketball shooting during winters on the prairie is not fun, quite cold and sometimes impossible.
I told Miss E today to ask Daddy if she could at least have some cows in the building to show at the fair.
Daddy told her we’ll start with a cat. One cat. Someday.

 What do you suppose my husband thinks would be appropriate to hang outside the entry of the building?
Knowing my only “rule” to decorating inside our house is no antlers or eyeballs, meaning no stuffed dead animals. No trophy bucks hung on our walls.
Now you can imagine this building will have some manly decor…since it’s OUTSIDE and not INSIDE our house.
It won’t house any live animals quite yet but it will stage antlers…or as suggested by my husband…a great big elk head.

I can hardly wait!


  1. So jealous. I negotiated no antlers or eyeballs in the master bedroom. Considering I was added to the house after most of the dead decor, I consider this a pretty big victory. Merry Christmas!

  2. Isn’t new construction exciting??? All the possibilities!! 🙂

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