Wedding on the prairie

My sister Kirsti was married this weekend to Mike in a gorgeous wedding ceremony filled with emotion, beautiful music and meaningful messages (there was even a children’s sermon). 
It was 93 degrees on Saturday afternoon on the prairie. You cannot tell though can you? With her usual style, class and grace, Kirsti was a stunningly beautiful bride. 
Some of you attended but most of you just want to see pictures. I have month end work details to wrap up tonight, a bag to pack, sleep quickly and then an early morning flight to catch so I am not going to be overly wordy tonight. 
Here are some snapshots you will enjoy from our lovely wedding weekend. 
Friday preparations
A flower girl practice run in the wagon on Friday afternoon
My cousin and lifelong friend, Erin is finally on domestic ground after years of living in New Zealand and Ireland. She was able to come to the wedding weekend and meet our girls for the first time. Erin and I have been very close since we were little girls and it was so much fun to see her.
Saturday morning pretty prep
The bride and groom on Saturday afternoon
I was so proud of Kirsti and am excited for her future life & marriage to Mike.
Hunter practicing on the best piano keys he has ever played on…a beautiful Steinway. Hunter played her piece perfectly during the ceremony. Another proud moment for me. 
The wedding was held on a college campus with a great music program and the little chapel had TWO Steinways in it. Maybe they will have a piano sale and we can buy one for a bargain?
Hunter James ran to join pictures.
Our family. Christmas card complete and it is not even the first day of summer yet!
Celebrating a near finish of picture taking…it was a three plus hour ordeal in 90+ degree heat. We all were real comfortable with one another’s body odor. It was a bonding experience.
Cousin Vienna and Aunt Angie (her mama)
It was so much fun to have Vienna in the wedding party with us. She is a delightful teenage girl and our only and only female cousin on my mom’s side of the family. We love her and it was so much fun to spend the weekend with Miss V. 
My dad and mom having a snack break in the back hall before the wedding. My dad never did get a tux to fit him but thankfully he bought a new black suit for a business presentation we did together earlier this spring. He looked as dabber as ever walking Kirsti down the aisle.
Fixing lipstick and getting it off the bride’s teeth. My brothers look quite into it.
My favorite man on this earth, husband, daddy to my children, father of my babies and best friend. 
Post wedding flower girls getting a ride from the church to the reception by Gpa Eldon.
Cousin Nevaeh and Miss E had a flower girl frolic after the wedding.
The bride and groom are now happily honeymooning. We are grateful for the wonderful wedding weekend we shared to celebrate their lives joining and marriage beginning. 
It was so full of memories that I will cherish for my entire lifetime. 
(And now I am really going to pack my suitcase because I am leaving at 5AM and this blogging is not helping my packing or sleep.)


  1. Wow! Great pictures… and the bride (and her sister) are absolutely stunning! I have been checking the blog since Sunday morning…can’t wait to see more pictures, but right now my dear you must get some sleep. Congratulations to the bride and groom…God’s Blessings!

  2. The wedding looked stunning! Your family picture looks fantastic. I need to try and get those christmas cards out this year…

  3. Katie, it was so great to see you again after all of these years! You and your family are fabulous! I’ll have to make the trip back to NoDak again soon!


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