A fresh walleye dinner tutorial

I thought you all may need a step by step tutorial on the key ingredients and steps to be taken to have a fresh walleye dinner served at your home…
You need:
1. A nearby large fresh water river or lake
2. Fishing hats, fishing sunglasses, sunscreen and smiles
3. A boat to get to the fish
4. A determined driver of the boat
5. Bait that the walleye will love like night crawlers or minnows
6. The ability to bait your hook
7. A good fishing dog to sniff out those walleye 
8. A fishing pole and patience
A lot of fishing poles actually. The more the better to catch more fish.
9. A fish call to wrangle the fish into the boat such as shouting “Here fishy fishy!”
10. Catch fish, specifically walleye that you like to eat
You can throw back northern pike, catfish, perch, crappies and anything else for others to catch.
11. Bring home the big walleye for dinner…cleaned
12. Freshly caught and cleaned walleye ready for cooking preparations
13. Calhoun Bend Mills mixes (a secret we learned from my mom) kept on hand for the best yummy and quick fish coatings and stone ground cornmeal for hot and fresh homemade corn bread.
Order here for our favorite (and affordable) mixes. We like their dessert mixes too.
14. Minnesota wild rice to serve with your walleye 
15. A walleye chef who does not disclose what the actual price per pound of the walleye is when you factor in the cost of the boat, gas, fishing attire, fishing poles, lures, bait, etc. 
Priceless perfect walleye
16. Now hurry up and set the table. It’s time to enjoy your fresh walleye dinner. It will be the best fish dinner you have ever tasted. 
You can follow this easy tutorial on preparing your family a walleye dinner. 
Please note this is not categorized under “easy family meals”. Instead you can file under your “lifelong family memories” category. I promise it is worth all the effort for fishing family memories (and dining).


  1. Yum!! Ryan is going to be jealous when I tell him. We went fishing in Rapid City to try our luck at Trout, but we just got Sunny’s!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boat Driver Says:
    There is nothing better than a weekend of family fun combined with a meal of fresh caught walleye. The price per pound is worth every penny!

  3. Cute! I love all the ingredients in the classic “shore lunch.” 🙂

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