Where prairie dreams lead

I started throwing the discus as a seventh grader. It quickly became my first love. It took me far and wide. The discus built dreams, fulfilled dreams, broke dreams but most importantly taught me to dream.  As an a eighth grader, our son’s first love is far, far from the discus.

He doesn’t love the discus. He might tell you he doesn’t even like the discus. But he is learning to throw the discus. It might be to appease his mother. Or it might be that deep down within him he knows the discus built his mama’s dreams. 
Hunter’s dreams are on the prairie. They aren’t focused today. 

There are barriers in between his dreams. He hasn’t even encountered what those barriers are yet in his young age. But I have lived dreams. I have built dreams. I have fulfilled dreams. I have had broken dreams.

Most importantly, I had goals. Nathan also had goals. My goals were athletic focused. His goals were music focused. For Nathan and me, our goal for our children will never be focused on a single activity. Our goal for Hunter is to launch him into the world with a Christian faith while living out accountability, kindness, respect, honesty and being a trustworthy man.

I don’t know where Hunter’s dreams will take him. But I know he has goals. And I know goals are dreams with deadlines. Whether his dreams are with a discus or not, we are going help him to meet those goals and deadlines and chase those dreams. Whether fulfilled or broken, dreams are worth fighting for and goals have deadlines.

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  1. Wonderful post, and wonderful photos too. I think we all have similar goals for our children and sure hope that they are fulfilled. Good luck in track season Hunter.

  2. Love the photos. Great post!

  3. from everything you’ve shared about your young man, he is already so well-rounded – athletic, academic, interested and hard-working. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post! I believe he will make his way quite well – with such good role models for parents – he will certainly go down a path that will make you proud.

    P.S Your photos are wonderful!

  5. Wonderful post.
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  6. Great post and yes the pics are lovely! I hope you are doing alright?!

    Big hugs from Indiana

  7. Nice! Watching your kids turn into real people doing real things and changing their world is THE BEST! Great post.

  8. It is great for your son to have his parents to give him that support. All parents need to be supportive.
    Children need guidance. You are on the right track

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