We keep going with a smile…

 Life gets muddy sometimes. 
 It gets us down from time to time. 
 But within seconds we can be at the top of the world again,
 carefree, letting loose, 
 and just going with the swing of things. 
 We land on our feet and give life another a try. 

 Even once we are on our feet again, riding along carefree, the road of life is still full of challenges. 
But we have learned when we fall down we always can get back up again and keep going with a smile on our face.
For the ability to keep going with a smile, we are grateful and better for it. 
Life lessons are sponsored this week by Miss E and Miss A with plenty of enthusiasm. They absolutely brighten our days. And I hope they’ve brighten your day today too.
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  1. I am amazed at how much they have grown since I check in with you.

  2. this was really cute. they are too precious!

  3. Love the biking in the mud. Pierce will ride his bike anywhere – he rides it all over the pastures sometimes. Cracks me up.

  4. Awesome photos…even the bike crash is kinda cute!

  5. Love this post!

  6. Love this post!

  7. Love this post!

  8. They definitely have. :o)
    Thanks for a smile filled post!

  9. You have the greatest posts and the cutest sponsors! LOL The girls are sure enjoying their new bikes aren’t they?

  10. Your girls are getting so big! Got to love mud 🙂

  11. Those are some sweet girls!

  12. Adorable! Just wanted to stop by and encourage you to join our 12 days of Capturing Motherhood Through Your Lens! You can do it for fun or for some fabulous prizes! Hope to see you there! http://inspiredbyfamilymag.com/2012/04/15/mommy-moments-photo-challenge-has-begun/

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