Renewing & Recharging like Old Red

This is Old Red. I learned to drive him in a barley field when I was 11 years old. My uncle gave me some loose directions and my cousin, age 12, sat next to me to make sure I could do it. I remember Old Red started rolling backward down an incline in the field while I was driving him for the first time but I got him going forward again. 
Old Red is older than me by a few years. Today on GriggsDakota he needed a little helped. He’s tired but thankfully Old Red is feeling recharged by corn harvest. Thanks in part by others rallying to help him out and from the energy he is getting having a new red shiny truck helping him
I feel like Old Red today. I am tired. I need a little help to get recharged. My husband recognized this need for me to rest and planned a weekend for me that has me doing nothing but recharging. I am not very good at taking time to slow down but thankfully I have others around me that watch out for me and make sure I do take time to recharge and rest. So under strict “encouragement” from my husband, I am taking a few days…offline to clear my head, sleep, read, have face to face conversations with family and sip a little tea. 
Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be back Monday, recharged and renewed, with an exciting new Hunk of Meat Monday from Tales of a Rancher’s Wife.

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  1. yay! enjoy your break!!!

  2. Wonderful husband..yay! Enjoy some much deserved down time 🙂

    Luv Old Red! He looks a lot like the truck I first drove too.

  3. Have a great weekend!! Glad your hubby planned some much needed down time for you!

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