My love/hate coffee morning…

My alarm went off at 3:20AM today. After a quick shower and closing up my suitcase for a one night trip away, I stumbled down the stairs where thankfully I could grab a hot mug of coffee. My husband sets the timer on our favorite kitchen appliance, the Cuisinart Grind N’ Brew coffee maker every evening and grinds the coffee as he sets it so it doesn’t awake the entire house at 3AM when I am leaving early.

I drank the mug while I drove across the dark prairie 112 miles to a *South* (I am known to cross state lines for cheaper airfare) Dakota airport. It was after my lovely morning drive with coffee that I opted for an airline coffee once in the sky. I was sipping on it while I had my computer in front of me on the plane.  Then from behind came the coffee hate. The woman across the aisle from me was “having a hot flash”, her direct quote and to quickly take off her sweater. She bumped the flight attendant who was slightly behind me and away flung the pot of hot coffee, giving me the real hot flash…

of burning hot coffee all over my computer and all over my skirt. By chance I wore a long skirt today which really saved my skin but the entire small airplane heard me yelp and the flight attendant say “I’m so sorry” a few times.

I love coffee. I hate hot coffee spilling on me. I still need more coffee today.

How’s your Monday treating you? Most importantly, how’s your coffee?

To learn more about the conference I am attending to talk beginning blogging with farmers and friends, check out my blogger friend Ryan Goodman’s Agriculture Proud post today.


  1. That is definitely a love/hate relationship with coffee. I hope the woman behind you apologized as well and that your Monday changes direction soon and gets better!

  2. oh crap! not the kind of ‘wake up’ call you needed at all!

  3. I love my coffee too, even though mine is giving me hot flashes this morning. I won’t be causing anyone to spill anything with mine though. Glad it wasn’t worse, with you getting really burned or anything. How did the laptop survive?

  4. Oh my! You poor thing! I hope your day gets better.

  5. I don’t drive coffee – but I love your mug!

  6. Oh, Katie! Not a fun way to start the day! I’m sure your day will get better once your destination is reached;)

  7. bummer…that really stinks!!
    hang in there 😀

  8. so. i just watched a video of you talking about what you do…super cool! i love it!

    i was walking in the produce section of wal-mart yesterday wondering where in the world all the food came from…and if it’s safe.

    keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Oh my! I hope your Monday ends better than it began! Ouch!

  10. Oh no, not a good way to get your coffee served. Thank you for linking to my post today! Looking forward to sharing my love for blogging!

  11. when you’re ready to write the book of your adventures in travel, let me know…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Delta is canceling that South Dakota flight what are you going to do?

    Brother #1

  13. Its a great day start with a cup of coffee. I love it.

  14. Its a great day start with a cup of coffee. I love it.

  15. Love your blog! I’m learning as I go.

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