Wordless Wednesday Linky: Back where I come from…

It’s Wordless Wednesday and below is a linky for you to join. But first let’s see the classy prairie. I show you beautiful prairie, my smiling kids but sometimes we need an honesty shot. You need to see the real prairie living. 
Because back where I come from…

this is the “honeymoon shack” (read the fine print). I can’t claim it. But we have driven past it several times in the last week going to baseball games. Welcome to the classy prairie. Thank you to my husband for planning a honeymoon for us years ago that didn’t include this camper.

Back where I come from…my favorite son on God’s green earth is smiling from ear to ear because his small town Babe Ruth baseball team has won three games in a row in the loser’s out bracket of the league tournament. The baseball journey continues. We need a win(s) today. Say a prayer, cross your fingers and any other antics you have up your sleeve for this boy to keep smiling this big for days to come.

Back where I come from…this was sunset in small town North Dakota as the lights turned on during our son’s evening game this week. The classy prairie is home.
Finish the sentence for yourself: Back where I come from…
Three WW blogs I link to each week are Kristi, Dagmar and Alicia’s. Each brings a unique perspective to life,  motherhood and photography. Now just enter your link below and share your Wordless or Wordy Wednesday today. And it doesn’t have to be classy, perfect or beautiful. Just be real.  Say it or show your life like it is and relish in it. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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  1. Hey, why are you making fun of my honeymoon suite? He, he.

    Happy WW!

  2. Back where I come from… The music is jazz, the food is spicy, and hurricanes can mess it all up!

    Happy WW.

  3. Almost forget…. Love the picture of your son and good luck with baseball!

  4. I like the camper – cute!

  5. Oh Dear. That trailer cracks me up! Congrats to H. for he and his team’s recent accomplishments! He {and you} must be SO proud!

  6. Haha! Love the classy trailer. Hop your son’s team pulls out another win so he can keep smiling. 🙂

  7. This brings to mind the Alan Jackson song…Where I come from, it’s corn bread ‘n chicken, where I come from a lot a front poor sittin’…

    I’d have to say where I come from it’s dirt roads, backwoods, long trail rides, and just sitting in the pasture.

  8. That is too funny! I had friends that traveled the country in a trailer for their honeymoon! That would be quite the adventure!

  9. LMAO….that is hilarious! That puts the ass on class!

  10. Why does the camper no surprise me?! Yes, that is the “classy prairie” –Good thing we went to Vegas for our honeymoon, because that looks like my hubby’s idea of adventure! Love the sunset picture. I wish I could capture the ND prairie sunset everynight.

  11. Too funny – I love it!! We have friend who went camping for their honeymoon – 30 minutes from their house AND in the rain.

    Good luck to your son’s baseball team!!

    My wordless Wednesday is very real today – not a pretty picture at all!! But, that is life!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

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