Free to be me

 One of thing we take for granted every day on the American prairie is our freedom. 

This weekend with family, fun, food and fireworks we are remembering and celebrating our nation and freedom so the next generation can be 
free to be me.
How are you celebrating Independence Day tomorrow in the USA or how did you celebrate Canada Day on July 1? 
Tomorrow we are having fireworks and feasting at our house with friends. Once we wrap an outing to the park this afternoon, I am going to venture in making my first ever red velvet cupcakes with a blog post to soon follow on my failure or success of them. I plan to serve them alongside burgers, brats, veggie pasta salad and more tomorrow. Any special recipes you make for the 4th of July?


  1. I usually do red velvet cupcakes around Christmas. They are so good!

    No special recipes here, but we like to have corn on the cob and other goodies on the grill.

  2. hopefully getting our hay field cut tomorrow! woo hoo!!!

  3. We are all pooped out for some reason and have opted for a pretty calm and quiet 4th. It’s kind of nice! Happy 4th to you, and good luck with the cupcakes!

  4. great picture, adorable!!

    happy 4th to you and yours!

  5. Your girls are the sweetest! Sounds like fun at your house for the 4th. We are catching a movie today and fireworks with family tonight.

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