Revisiting the Georgia Chapter of Life

A long time ago…back in the “90’s”,  my entire focus in life was to get a Division I track scholarship to throw the discus. 
“A goal is a dream with a deadline” was written on a notecard on my bathroom mirror. 
The goal was the scholarship and it was my dream. I had a cut-throat coach who trained us year round and I learned a goal could be met with hard work and grit.
The goal and the dream led me far from the North Dakota prairie to the University of Georgia.
While I didn’t finish my degree at UGA, it changed my life, my outlook and who I was as a person. 
I left for the right reason, family. 
But Georgia was always on my mind.
I went back…many times for the first couple years and after my teammates were gone, I still went back to be a bridesmaid in my college roommate and forever friend’s wedding. 
Georgia never left me. And that baby boy that was on the track with me?
He’ll always have a little bit of Georgia in him too. 
But just to prove it I am bringing him with me this weekend to see the SEC track championships, for a college track reunion and to see my longtime dear friends. He won’t be the baby boy on the track with me. Instead, he now towers over me.
It will be a weekend of a lifetime. 
Not because of the discus, the track or university but because of the people. 
Georgia changed me because of the amazing relationships I built there. 
Georgia will always be on my mind. It’s forever imprinted as a chapter of my life that I relish in. It’s a chapter I’ll revisit and enjoy with our son this weekend. 
What’s a chapter of your life you’d like to revisit and relish in?

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