Living For The Now

There are so many moments we can’t control, so many factors that impact our future and how life all plays out. From flooding to tornados to sudden loss of a loved one, as I have watched the news, read blogs and Facebook status updates, more than usual, I have thought about this over the past couple days
Just over a month ago, I was in St. Louis on business with colleagues at a baseball game when the radar was filled with red and there were tornado sirens going off. The storms thankfully passed without incidents. Two days later and after I left the St. Louis airport, it was hit by a tornado. This morning I watched the morning news (when I actually got out of bed to exercise) to see the devastation to Joplin, MO. It served as a eye opening reminder to take in as many of life’s moments and live for the now.
What are we doing to live in and for the now?

Visiting friends and a new baby…

 Our now this week, welcomed a new baby, Karissa Jane, to the prairie. We paid her a quick visit as her mama, Miss Katie, was my first friend on the prairie and we work together in rural and economic development in our community. Miss Katie has been my side kick and true friend for four years on the prairie. The new big brother, Ethan, was born on my birthday two plus years ago and the daddy of the house is a (local pastor) friend of ours too. Seeing this happy family and delivering a few pink things to them was a delight.
(Have you noticed…I have a lot of friends that share my name? Katherine and Kathryn were popular back in the day.)

More now moments include
visiting grandparents…
We have paid Nana and Grandpa a few visits during long walks and bike rides recently. 
Miss Anika loves to play there, setting the table and making us meals.
 Miss “Elissa” or “Ebee” as Anika calls her, likes the cement sidewalk for bike riding at Nana and Grandpa’s. It’s much better than our “scary” gravel hill driveway.
Visiting with Auntie K
 Our now included a weekend visit from my one and only sister, fondly called Auntie Kirsti by the girls. Above she was showing my mother-in-law her wedding photo albums as Mike and she are celebrating their first wedding anniversary this coming weekend.
In between a rummage sale, a thrift store outing, a walk and bike ride, Miss Kirsti decided a restyle of our living room was necessary. Thank goodness as my living in the now doesn’t include much decorating or organizing. She has an amazing design eye and photographed her work. A new post soon of the restyle will be up later this week from the designer herself.
Instead of decorating or organizing often, I am living for these moments…
like reading with my kids on the floor.
We had our last day of Sunday School this past weekend. This week is Veggie Tales Bible School in the evenings. My friend Paula and I taught pre-school Sunday school together throughout the year. This week I am helping out with the Bible story time. I needed an extra helper so our teenager son is my Bible story teller with me. We had a blast together last night doing the Good Samaritan and loving our neighbors story.
Our Miss E with her buddy another Miss E (Emerson) in Sunday School 
 Living in and for the now
 amidst the prairie lake and sky with my family is right where I want to be .
What do you do to live in the now and take in all moments around you?


  1. The photo of Anika reading is adorable! And Emerson and Elizabeth look so grown up in their photo! Cute.

  2. we have impromptu dance parties at my house 😉 The kids love them…even my big kids!

  3. oh and thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you come back soon!

  4. Your sis sounds so artistic…can’t wait to see the re-style!

  5. A very thoughtful post! I really try to not take things for granted, and notice the things around me, nature, people etc. It has given me an appreciation and love for so many things….

  6. Great post!

  7. it’s all about enjoying the beauty and nature around me, soaking in the contentment and joy of my pups, taking photos and sharing them thru blogging. that’s my ‘now’.

  8. I try to take in all the wonder and beauty God gives us every day. I am sure I miss a lot of it, but I do try to stop and smell the roses, well not roses but the idea worked, as often as I can!

    Great post!

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