Prairie Poinsettia Killer

Obviously, I’ve been a deer killer this week since I collided my vehicle with a whitetail buck early Wednesday. Now I am a poinsettia killer. There might be generations of prairie dwelling farmers and green thumbs in my genes but I can’t even keep a simple plant alive. 
My late paternal grandmother Dorothy could keep poinsettias going all winter, spring and plant them outside in the summer. I never learned her tricks of the trade.

The above beauty is now wilting, leaves curling. Actually this morning it looks much worse than the above picture. It is completely brown and wilted.

On the frozen prairie this winter, these poinsettias are the only green we have around the house because certainly there is nothing green outside. I would like to somehow save the poor plants.

Can these poinsettias on the prairie be saved or am I just a poinsettia killer? Please share any tips.

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  1. Oh boy. I think you’re in trouble. I’ve never been able to keep them past a month or so.

  2. My Mom has the same talent as your grandma….she can keep any plant alive, for years! What ever that gene is, it didn’t carry over to me…..I’m a plant killer also:)

  3. The ferns in my house are barely hanging on at this point! I am no help to you!

  4. I am of the firm belief that poinsettias one hit wonders.
    Let’s make a pact-
    no more poinsettia guilt?
    I have killed MILLIONS of poinsettias.
    Thanks for coming by my blog-

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    I loved reading your profile.

  5. No tips here sorry. I’ve never seen one that lived much past Christmas…the only plant I have ever managed to keep alive is English Ivy..and from what I have heard it’s hard to kill that. Good luck!

    New follower.

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