An early morning visitor to the prairie

We had a visitor pull into our yard early Saturday morning. And someone was quite excited.

To put into perspective, we are fortunate to live in the same town as Nathan’s parents and yes we are in the same state as my parents, grandparents and siblings. And soon Auntie Lori (Nathan’s sister) will be back in Minnesota. But we are not a “close” drive for anyone to visit. Visitors are not just driving 20 miles to see us. It is not over the river and through the woods.

It is a long, long drive, deep into the prairie to reach our house. You drive a lot of two lane highway through grasslands past cattle and hay bales through snow drifts, passing by coyotes, pheasants and deer and cross into what Nathan calls “behind the Sauerkraut curtain” referring to the German Russian heritage of nearly all 3,000 people in our county. Yes county not town.

Right when you think you might drive off the edge of the earth or fall asleep at the wheel…you reach our little slice of heaven on the prairie. 

And then you can get out of your car and truly understand how much we appreciate visitors to our home.
Early Saturday Miss E anxiously waited for…

Auntie Kirsti!

Nothing like licking a sucker on a Saturday morning in your jammies. Aunties let you do those sort of things.

During Auntie K’s visit, Nathan and I drove 45 miles down the road to attend Hunter’s band festival.
Auntie K played for hours with the girls. And they had so much fun. She has a career job now and is getting married in just three months. Her life is busy but we are so happy when she can make the drive to visit.
Hunter played “Firefly” on his trumpet. He brought home a trophy and a blue ribbon. We were proud parents. We had a lunch date with our boy and then drove home.
Hunter got to have some time with his auntie. I went on a rare walk with her. And then she had to drive to her home to do all of those grown up things like laundry, address wedding invitations and paint walls. We love you Auntie K. Come back to visit again soon.
Today we are getting another visitor to the prairie. She hasn’t been here since January. And we really miss her. Welcome Mayme


  1. That top picture is priceless! Special, special times on the prairie!

  2. Yay for Auntie Kirsti! It’s “Miss Kirsti” at our house 🙂 Love this post! GREAT pic of Miss E looking out the window…made me smile 🙂

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