Hanging on for the ride

I am holding on for a new career adventure!I’ve been knocked down before and learned to get back up, stronger and smarter.I usually dust myself off with plenty of help and then keep going. Pictures from the Ranch Rodeo’s Mutton Busting at the 90th Tri-County Fair in Wishek, North Dakota this past weekend. Aren’t these […]

National Ag Day: Agvocating for a next generation

Today is National Ag Day. What is National Ag Day? It’s a celebration of the bounty we are given through agriculture. If you don’t know a farmer to celebrate I am sharing a few pictures of farmers we celebrate in our family. From my grandparents to my parents to my brother to my kids, they are a few […]

Ladies Night on a North Dakota farm

I’ve heard it more than a hundred times, growing up and living “in the middle of nowhere.” There is nothing to do in North Dakota. But to me, this place is somewhere and no matter where you live, I think you create your experiences and definition of something to do. In a world of technology […]