Whole-Wheat Lemon Almond Pancakes

Almost once a week, we make pancakes for either Sunday brunch or a family supper. I have numerous variations of pancakes. The most recent being Lemon Almond with Blackberries. I have switched to only using white whole wheat flour in pancakes. Sometimes I also add a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seed. The healthy […]

Hot Bruschetta Dip Recipe

I love the opportunity to have friends and family over for conversation and fun. But low key entertaining is my style. I make a wide variety of recipes and dishes that take limited time preparation. I experiment, sometimes with great success and other times with mediocre results. Failures are not documented and rarely admitted to. […]

Crock-Pot Pinto Bean & Ham Soup Recipe

It’s bitterly cold outside. Warming up inside with hearty soup is one of my winter strategies of coping with cold. I have made three soups in the last few days. One of them is a new Pinto Bean and Ham Crock-Pot recipe. I experimented and found success. Not only is this soup hearty, it’s healthy. […]