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Before we sat down for brunch today at our house we had a less than two minute photo shoot together. First the kids…can you feel the love? Hunter hammed it up to get done so he could get to his pancakes, eggs and bacon.SiblingLoveThen Elizabeth snapped pictures on my big camera of Nathan and me. Hunter took pictures on my phone and I shared those on Instagram10yrsofloveNathan and I did the math and this our tenth Valentine’s Day together. We aren’t big gift buyers but did exchange cards. 

At the table after our little photo shoot, each of us went around and said one thing we loved about each person. Everyone loves Elizabeth’s caring personality and the kindness she shows to everyone. Love for Anika included her colorfulness and attention to detail. We all love Hunter’s drive and ability to manage so many thinks while excelling at them. The girls said Hunter is fun with them and they love when he plays games and basketball with him. Hunter said he loves how Dad aka Nathan can fix things, literally and figuratively. The girls think he is fun, kind and “makes good choices” said Anika, something she is always working on. The kids said they love how I “can push them to be their best…even though it’s hard, it works”, “make food” and “carry me.” You probably can figure out who said what there. Anika is six years old and a baby girl who wants to be carried!SundaySchoolsingingOnto another love of the day, I sat up front in our small town church this morning and snapped a few pictures of kids singing their memorized Old Testament books of the Bible and “Awesome God.” While it is now Lent and Valentine’s Day is not a religious holiday, I still have much love for these kids as they sang. Nathan and I taught different classes of them this past fall and have for many years. Watching them grow out in our community, rooted in a family of faith and loved by all is important to us.

I know church isn’t trendy these days. You can read statistics that my generation and younger are not bringing their kids to church like our parent’s generation did. Traditional churches need to evolve or die to keep an engaged congregation attending, participating and tithing. When I see and hear young voices come together in a church, it is right where I want to be raising our kids. I love Biblically based, God loving churches and congregations you live your life with through the good times and difficult days. 

I hope you each are having a restful, loving day! Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. I struggle with going to church, though my faith is strong. I also believe that God knows my struggle and he’s working me through it in his own time. I still have hope for big changes within my lifetime in the Catholic church, which might bring me back. The current pomp is disheartening. I don’t think Jesus particularly cared about how many times you beat your chest while reciting a prayer, or whether you genuflected at this or that moment during the mass. But, I’m always happy to hear of other young families that regularly attend church. Happy Valentine’s Day, Katie & Co.

    • Barbara, I think about 60-80% of our generation feels like you depending on where you live. It’s a huge issue all churches face. I am not hung up on one denomination and really think it’s between you and God. Nathan and I have worked to find a combination of church/ small group/ Bible studies that work for us to grow in our faith personally and as a family. It takes time to figure it out but praying about it and seeking God’s will is awesome!

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