Disney Dream Family Vacation


We are back from our favorite family vacation so far, which included four nights on the Disney Dream cruise ship. Last night I cleared hundreds of photos off my camera. Many more photos to come with stories but for now here are a few memories. 

Like swimming in the ocean for the first time as a family.IMG_3229

Taking Hunter to his first foreign country, the Bahamas. He decided he could get quite comfortable with island life and suggested a two-week cruise would be ideal. IMG_3115The struggle to lose weight is a battle but…if the dress still fits, suck in and go on a date with your husband I decided. 

And that is just what we did. Nathan and I had a fabulous dinner at Palo, an Italian “adults only” restaurant on the Disney Dream.


The reason the Disney Dream cruise was our favorite vacation was the ease of the days. Most days just had us all together, soaking, splashing, laughing and doing fun activities together. 

IMG_3138Anika wasn’t afraid to jump in for Cuban Shuffle dance with Daisy Duck and Mickey Mouse. At times, we felt like parents that needed a leash for our kid with Anika. She was always on the move! But we didn’t lose her and she had a blast!


But both girls did pause for princesses. Elizabeth and Anika loved Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.


We slept four nights in a state-room and everyone had their own little space. It worked!

IMG_3257Our day on Disney’s Castaway Cay was a favorite time. Nathan and Miss E rented water bikes which was an adventure with a story to share. Hint: their first bike had a hole in the tire.


Each and every night we ate a wonderful meal together along with a family from Ohio, the Cook family who became our friends. It truly was a dream vacation and we are already planning a future cruise.

Time to play a little catch up and I will share stories of why we chose this cruise and the stories in between soon. For now, we are home on frozen on the SNOWY tundra that never seems to snap out of winter! Hunter is playing his first spring AAU basketball tournament this weekend and thankfully my parents met us along our way home to take him to his games.

 Have you ever taken a cruise? 



  1. My first cruise was a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas with my family when I was in high school. I’m glad you enjoyed your time! I thought the cruise did a great job with activities for all ages!


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