The adventures (and black eye) of active girls

I pulled up in the driveway last night after parent teacher conferences. I was driving my husband’s large and in charge diesel pick-up truck. Wearing heels and a dress and driving a big diesel was an empowering feeling yesterday but it has been a long week and I was ready for some unwinding last night. The girls played “house” in my car in the garage while Nathan and I stood and visited outside, talking about our days. Right before our eyes there was a scream. It was an accident but Miss A while sitting on the running board of my vehicle got the corner of the car door shut on her by her older sister. Miss E was crying, feeling terrible about the accident. Miss A was screaming and there was blood around her eye.
We are grateful every day for rural healthcare. We made a call and then a trip to our local emergency room, minutes from our home.

It was more peace of mind to know Miss A’s eye ball wasn’t damaged. No stitches necessary and she is one lucky girl. Her eye is unharmed. She has cuts above and right below her eye. We all get sick thinking of what could have been. Playing house in the car for the girls won’t ever be the same. Safety in the littlest of moments matters and even then it isn’t always enough. We’ve seen enough tragedies impacting family and friends to know. But Miss A got out of this accident with God keeping a protective hand over her.

She put on her favorite snowman pajamas and Miss E got out “projects” after returning home.

The evening returned to normal. Miss A is going to be swollen and scabbed for some time. But we are grateful for our tough and active kids who seem to rebound and recover well.

Miss A is going to get extra treats in the next few days, like her favorite mango berry smoothie, made with all healthy things but she doesn’t know it. Fruit, plain Greek yogurt, milk and honey.

Even mango berry smoothies make Miss E smile. She also recovered from her trauma. Our sensitive 4 year old only likes to hurt spiders and flies. Seeing an accident that involved blood and her sister had her quite shaken and upset.
But today is ready to take on a new day, with new adventures and her favorite new adventure is getting behind the lens of my camera. She might…just maybe remind me of myself. Every day.
Happy Friday friends!

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  1. So glad it wasn’t serious and that BOTH girls are recovering! It is a blessing to have active children though regardless and “stuff” like that just happens sometimes! Have a super weekend.

  2. The good Lord gave us recessed eye sockets for a reason! So glad both are ok…sometimes the trauma is equally bad for both parties, just for different reasons.

  3. Very thankful to hear things will be okay.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. It isn’t a childhood without a few odd accidents! Glad to hear that both girls will recover!

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