Spring birding sounds on the North Dakota prairie

I captured 25 seconds of the sounds of the birds from our driveway yesterday morning. If you listen closely you’ll hear geese honking, a pheasant cackle and a beautiful Spring bird song. If there are any birding fans, I’d love to know what I am actually listening to. We live in the flyway zone and the “Prairie Pothole” region of North Dakota where birds are aplenty but this is an unusual early Spring to hear them.

Sometimes it is worth it to take time to soak in your surroundings. What are you doing this Saturday to unwind?

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  1. that is a robin singing his morning tune. 🙂

  2. Maybe i did know it was a robin but I couldn’t see it to verify! Shows my bird knowledge. Pheasants and geese I know at least!

  3. Here’s a good resource….this is the page for robins. They have several calls, which vary slightly from region to region, but are the same overall. Interesting that birds would have accents!

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