Visiting our old friend & new neighbor

Snow fell on the south central prairie of North Dakota today. But there was no stopping our Sunday afternoon drive. Miss E was determined to see our old friend from our GriggsDakota family farm who now lives 30 miles down the road from us. 

Sheyenne came to live in GriggsDakota when Hunter was a little boy. This year our friends, the Nill’s built a farm shop in my parent’s farmyard. My parents decided Sheyenne’s new home should be with the Nill’s where she can be with other horse friends and exercised often. 

 We trekked over to the barn and Mark told the girls we would get Sheyenne some horse “candy”.

 Miss E with bucket in hand delivered the “candy” grain to Sheyenne.

 It was a beautiful snowy Sunday visit. The girls were giddy to see Sheyenne in her new home.

Sheyenne was most thrilled with her treat of a little extra grain. We’ll be back for a visit and ride in the summer months. 
For now, we’re off to enjoy a Sunday supper with Nana and Grandpa Eldon. 
Happy Sunday!

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  1. how sweet to keep her ‘in the family’ sort of!

  2. Nice to see she is taken care of….and that snow! How beautiful!

  3. Wonderful post. Hope you all had a blessed Sunday. ♥

  4. Wow! What gorgeous photos! If it’s going to be winter, you may as well have snow! The fresh snow/beautiful horse combo is great.

    Also? E looks about 5 feet tall in these photos. 🙂

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE these snowy pictures. What a great day for your little girl and a wonderful horse. I bet both felt it was a very special day!

  6. Nice pictures. Great memories for your family. Your horse has a white mane, that is different

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