Egg Nog French Toast Recipe

Egg Nog French Toast. It’s so yummy that you’ll want to give this a try today or for an upcoming holiday brunch. 

You’ll need:
Sliced French Bread, crusty, left out usually over night
4 eggs
1 cup egg nog
1 tsp cinnamon
Powdered sugar to sprinkle or sift

 In a shallow pan, whisk 4 eggs together and add 1 cup of egg nog.

Add 1 tsp. of cinnamon to the egg mixture and give one more good whisk. (Note: blue fingernails painted by a 3 year old really add to my kitchen fashion. I highly recommend.)

 Place bread in pan to soak and flip to get both sides covered.

 As I soak the other breads pieces in the egg I place the bread in a bowl while warming a griddle at 325F. I had a little egg mixture left so I grabbed two slices of whole wheat bread to finish off our Egg French Toast. You can use any type of bread but I love French Bread for this best.

 Place slices of egg mixture soaked French bread on slightly buttered griddle at 325F. After a 3-4 minutes minutes, flip them and let toast for a few more minutes. You want a nice crusty finish to the bread. Before serving, place all Egg Nog French Toast slices in a serving dish and sprinkle with powdered sugar or sift the sugar onto the slices.

 As a side, I had thawed and fried up venison bacon. It’s quite tasty. Any type of breakfast bacon or sausage would be yummy.

We also made banana yogurt smoothies, adding bananas, vanilla yogurt, skim milk, honey and ice to them in a blender and mixing together.

Miss E served everyone sliced fruit as an additional side to complement our family breakfast. As you can see, Miss A wasn’t so sure about her sister’s fruit.

Sunday morning breakfast is one our family weekly routines together. We usually make pancakes but Egg Nog French Toast is a seasonal favorite now.

Our hungry like a pack of wolves teenager ate his Egg Nog French Toast with brown sugar and cream on it. Be bold and go for it. A little cream is like heaven on your plate. I tasted his and was enthralled by it. I also enjoyed my Egg Nog French Toast with a touch of maple syrup. 
This is an easy recipe and family friendly meal that will be served many more times at our house this winter, especially on Sunday mornings or holidays when we make breakfast together. 
Do you have special breakfast routines with family on the weekends or holidays? 

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  1. mmmm…sounds great! we love the seasonal soy nog…we’ll have to try this recipe for sure!!

  2. This looks delicious! I love the cream on top.

  3. Thanks! This will be my “Day after Thanksgiving” breakfast for everyone!! YUM~

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