Prairie Mamas Road Trip for Sauerkraut

Today was one big community event on our corner of the North Dakota prairie. In their true road tripping fashion, three of my prairie mama friends showed up to join me for…Sauerkraut Day. 

Sarah (blogs at Farmer On A Mission), Katie H (blogs at My Prairie Days) and Val (Wag n’ Tales) are fellow North Dakotans. It was their first Sauerkraut Day. They weren’t disappointed.

They were really impressed by the tall boy in the back row of the choir, singing in German and wearing a blue shirt instead of the required white shirt. I happen to claim the boy as our son. He was in piano lessons he said yesterday when the announcement was made about white shirts. We’ll believe him…this time.
My local friend, Kari, with strong Scandinavian heritage also experienced her first Sauerkraut Day with us. Kari also works in our family business. Her three kids are similar ages to our three kids. We have mirrored life experiences. I couldn’t wait for her to meet some of my fellow prairie mamas. The first thing we learned together is that between the five of us women, we had 17 kids! We know chaos. 

Only three kids were there to eat with us though. Miss E and Miss A had Val’s youngest George to enjoy the kraut with each other.

Local business owners served the free sauerkraut lunch. Nathan and Katie went to college together. It’s 2 degrees of separation on the prairie.

And what did we eat?

It’s not gourmet but I must admit it is tasty. I know you think it looks gross. But if you are a prairie foodie, you learn to appreciate local fare. The whole town smells like cooking sauerkraut and the civic center smelled very strong of it. I promise it tastes better than it smells. It is served with RED hot dogs, cheese, mashed potatoes, buns and pop (which you probably call soda).

My Norwegian heritage is strong in Miss E. She wouldn’t even eat plain mashed potatoes. “The smell of sauerkraut makes me gag, Mommy. I think I am going to throw up in my mouth.” Needless to say, she sipped on a pop and ate at fabulous homemade meal of chicken and dumplings at daycare. (Thank you daycare provider, Lori!)

Nathan tried coaching the girls on eating sauerkraut. He’s a good German heritage man. They couldn’t be sold on their daddy’s persuasion.

The best eater of sauerkraut of the day? George, age 2. Read Val’s blog to follow George’s life threatening condition. He has a very restricted diet that requires extremely low protein. Thankfully, sauerkraut has low protein and George ate it up today along with a bun and ketchup. 
Did my prairie mama friends really drive hours to simply come and eat sauerkraut with us? Of course not. It was about an event, a time to gather, a time to unwind, to catch up, to visit, to be inspired by one another…all while enjoying Sauerkraut Day on the North Dakota prairie. 
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I am thankful sauerkraut that connects friends.


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  1. i’m 1/2 German, and i LOVE sauerkraut! especially with pork and dumplings! ugh! this made my mouth water for old-style home cooking!

  2. I think I would LOVE Sauerkraut Day! It all looks good to me. Your girls matching outfits are adorable Katie!!

  3. I’m not a big kraut fan, however, I will eat it on reubens. Oh man I love reubens!

  4. I’m not a big fan of Kraut…my mom used to try to get us to eat it growing up and we hated it! But great post…I had no idea there was a Kraut day! Looks like you all had tons of fun!

  5. I haven’t eaten kraut in years! I remember making it when i was very young with my mom, grandma, great grandma and aunts. What a wild day that was. looks great!

  6. It looks GREAT to me! Seriously! I would eat the whole plate. I love kraut, but I am the only one in my house who does. I also miss the ND Norwegian aspect of food. I used to love lefse when I was a kid. Hope I spelled that right….


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