Wordless Wednesday w/ Linky: Running Free

Where would you go if you could run free with out a schedule? Two runaway horses were on our little corner of the prairie as I looked out my home office window a few mornings ago. My husband and I made a few calls and never ended up figuring out who they belonged to or where they belonged. They let me take their picture. 
Then I stood in silence staring at both of them and they back at me. I thought about them just young and running free. No plan. No schedule. No timeline. No destination.

Where would I go if I was young and running free alongside my husband? I wouldn’t want to go alone. But traveling alongside him would be freeing with out a schedule. Maybe…to a quiet beach. To the mountains. To Hawaii. To Chile. To South Africa. To the south of France. To Iceland. To Norway. To Thailand. To Australia.

Wherever we would run I’m pretty sure we would end up back on the prairie, where we feel the peace and solitude the horses were feeling when I photographed them. 
After lunch, the horses were gone again running free. And after lunch, my husband and I were back to our schedule and our timelines. 
Where would you run if you could freely go with out a care or schedule?
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  1. i sure hope they get back home, but they sure looked might comfy at your place!

  2. Wow! First of all, you’re so early! lol. Secondly, that is amazing that you got such a great shot and they let you! I have often thought of what I’d be doing if I weren’t tied down with my current mommy/wife responsibilities… maybe in my next life. Happy WW!

  3. I would totally go wherever the horses were headed LOL

  4. Well, hey!! I live in ND too…I’ve been hoping I would find someone else who lives here too!! 😉 Love those pics of horses! Someday I will have my very own!! ha

  5. That is an awesome shot.

  6. It was great you got to get such an awesome shot. Hope they got back where they belong.

  7. Beautiful horses. no schedule? I think I’d go to Ireland…then France…then Australia…then I’d climb a mountain…learn to scuba dive…oh, the ideas are endless 🙂

  8. Love the depth of field you get with the hay!

  9. This is a lovely shot. Cannot beat a spontaneous photo shoot. Shame they left, where ever their journey took them. They looked lovely in your corner of the prairie.

  10. I love horses and would love to be able to run free like the two in your picture… Thank you for the inspiration!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and linking up- I am now a new folloer 🙂

  11. Beautiful shot and such lovely words to go with them … food for thought indeed.
    Where on earth would I go? maybe back to places where beautiful memories were made …

  12. I am truly in love with this post. I wonder a lot, too, how comfortable I would be living without an agenda, without obligations. And you know? I think I’d end up here, at home, with my husband and our love.


  13. Beautiful shot, Katie. How neat that they wandered onto your farm? As Sara mentioned above, I love horses and still dream of having my own someday.

    PS: Thanks for the opportunity to link up. My photo’s not as pretty as yours, but there’s a story. There always is ;)…

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